Thursday, 22 December 2011

Last of the vintage styling again!!

Welcome to the last of my vintage styling!!!! This is one of my favourite pieces. The midi skirt was a huge hit over the summer and it's a great look to carry through to the winter. The top look is more evening, with a high waisted skirt it's always a good excuse for a cropped corset and it's a great way to dress up a plain colour skirt. Cropped corsets are still as popular as ever and are all over the high street. In the second image I added, yes the cream jacket again! I know I have massively overused this but I don't care!! I won't blab about the jacket anymore, look back at my previous posts to read about it!!

In the next look I paired the skirt with the cropped polka dot tee. It's a really cute daytime look, admittedly more for the summer but i'm just getting you prepared early!!

And lastly, a winter look finally!! This is a really nice way to stay glam in the cold winter months. The little short sleeved jumper is really sweet and would look really nice with a bow brooch or some other cute jewellery. I added some knee-high boots for a 70's look, and to keep the lovely Jess's legs warm, you can add some wooly tights for extra insulation too! A fur coat would keep this looking 70's and cosy :-)

Saturday, 17 December 2011

More vintage styling!!

The first thing I thought when I saw this skirt was - Missoni. It's a really unusual print and great for sprucing up a slightly more conservative outfit. I think pencil skirts are a really good look and very sexy on all women. I teamed this first with a one sleeved ASOS leotard, it's a really flattering style and creates a sleek silhouette. Second I teamed it with the cropped sequin corset just to add some sparkle.
Third I had to crack out the gorgeous blazer again! It really goes with everything and the colour works perfectly with the colours in the skirt, It lifts the outfit and adds a nice depth too, this would be completed really well by a pair of chunky art deco studded earrings.
Lastly, this gorgeous cream coat. I love the oversized style, it's very 1920's old school glamour and keeps you warm while still being stylish, winner all round!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

More vintage styling!!

Another couple of looks with the gorgeous jacket!!! These are a little less vintage and more up-to-date. The top look is very basic, plain black top and leggings with the jacket. It's a very simple look but still stylish and understated. It's a nice base to work on top of, jewellery and accessories can jazz this up or for those who prefer simple this is a really good look.

The second look is a little more outgoing. I've added the wet look leggings and leopard print corset style top for more of an evening look. The top is actually from primark but it looks quite vintage which works well with the style of the jacket. Some statement earrings would make this look really striking for a night out.

Saturday, 10 December 2011


Hi Everyone!!

So the blogs doing well, getting a lot of views but still not enough followers!! So I would love some feedback, what do you like/dislike and what would you like to see on the blog? I really want the blog to be something people want to look at so please tell me what else you would like to see on here and I will do my best to make it happen!!! xx
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Vintage Styling

I am IN LOVE with this jacket!!!! Love it love it love it! I've used this quite a lot in the styling because it goes with everything and it's a really great shape. It's a simple colour but the shape is very distinctive and a great alternative to a collared blazer. I've rolled the sleeves up as I like the look it creates, it's got a bit of a dynasty feel to it! The polka dot top underneath was originally a dress that Jess cut up, and I really love what she's done with it. It's a great little top for the summer with some denim high waisted shorts but i've styled it here for more of an evening look. Ideally I would pair it with something higher waisted than the sequin hotpants so she doesn't freeze to death but for the purposes of this blog it's a good look on her. The jacket keeps the sequin hotpants a little more demure and the loose fit of the cropped top is a suitable contrast to the tight shorts. I don't think much jewellery is required for this look as the colours go so well too much jewellery would ruin the effect but perhaps some statement earrings or a short pearl necklace would be in keeping with the vintage feel. You could also style this with some high waisted jeans for a more casual look or some high waisted peg leg trousers and heels for an alternative evening look :-) 

Sunday, 4 December 2011

More vintage styling!!

Sorry i've been a bit rubbish with posting this week but I finally have some more vintage styling for you!! Hope you like ...

Today's piece is focusing on this one shirt and a few different ways to style it. This is a really great shirt, little longer than I would usually go for but the print is lovely and I really like the colour. In the top image I styled it quite basic with the black vest dress from H&M, tights and boots. You can add jewellery to dress it up too or keep it quite casual like this for a day out shopping.

In the second image the whole outfit is the same but i've added a belt on the waist to draw the shirt in. This is a good look if you have bigger boobs or are a larger size as it shows off your shape and accentuates your waist. A gold metal belt would also work really well with this look.

The third and fourth images show the same outfit again but this time the shirt is done up to halfway and i've put a gold bow brooch on the collar as you can see in close up. I really love this current trend for collar details and this brooch is really cute. A black pussybow would be another good option for this look.

Last look for this shirt is a bit more outgoing. Yes, i've whipped out the sequin hotpants again! This works because the hotpants are teamed with a shirt which stops the whole ensemble from being to revealing. This shirt is a little long but you get the general idea of the look i'm going for! A collar is a really good background for statement jewellery and this necklace slots in under this collar really nicely.

I hope you like the looks i've done for this shirt, keep checking back for more vintage styling with the lovely Jess!!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Vintage Styling!!!!!

Ok so this is going to be one of my favourite pieces to blog about! My lovely friend Jess has some beautiful vintage pieces that she wanted some tips on how to style so we had a little photoshoot in her (absolutely lovely) bedroom and I will be posting a few images each day over the next few days, here goes....

So the top two pictures are a couple of different ways to style this gorgeous maroon cardigan. I love this cardigan, the colour is great, especially for the festive season, and it looks really good with the black vest dress (H&M) as the contrast between the tight dress and the textured cardi really complement eachother. I also styled it with my cream lace dress (also H&M!) as its nice and girly and the colours work really well together. The black knee boots also add a really 60's feel to the outfit and are great for keeping your legs warm in the winter!

Next to this fantastic beaded top which is a very popular look this season. As the top is a loose, casual fit, I styled it with my sequin hotpants for a going out look. I love sequin hotpants but I always get a bit nervous wearing them as they are so revealing but this works perfectly, the top is loose which contrasts against the hotpants and keeps Jess's chest covered up so there isn't too much on show!! I think she looks gorgeous in this outfit and I am now on the hunt for a top like this to wear with my hotpants!

Last look for today is a nice daytime look. Jess's vintage coat is very casual so it wouldn't work for a smart event but looks great with a simple pair of leggings, a t-shirt and ankle boots for a wintry feel! Add a wooly scarf and hat to complete the look :-)

That's it for today so keep checking back for some more gorgeous vintage pieces! Until tomorrow...

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Just to round off...

Hi Everyone,

I hope you liked the party season styling and I hope I've managed to show you some useful techniques! Please feel free to leave any feedback, it's all very much appreciated!!
I'm loving how many people are looking at the blog and I hope that means i'm doing something right!! I am, however, really lacking in followers and i'd love some more people to follow the blog!! If you like it and you read it pretty please follow me and get my numbers up!! I understand not everyone is able to but if you have a Google account (which you will have for twitter, blogger etc) you can follow this :-) Please also re-post, recommend to friends and family etc, it's very much appreciated and I am really grateful for the positive feedback i've been receiving.
Got some exciting bits that i've been doing today so they will be going up in the next few days so keep checking back!!

Thanks xx

Last of the party season styling!!!

This is a great look to finish off the party season styling! It's so understated and stylish and great for those who don't want a loud, out-there outfits but just something classic. The gold t-shirt dress has it's own belt in the same material which I really like as it looks best tied like this on most body shapes. I used the belt it came with but it would look really nice with a maroon or deep purple belt as they complement the gold. The pleated effect is also great for livening up a block colour piece. I teamed it with this black blazer which really pulls the outfit together. I love the leather lapels as it makes a nice change to plain black material and it's a really nice flattering cut, this dress definitely needs a fitted top to counteract the loose fit of the dress.

Dress - River Island £35
Blazer - River Island £65

More party styling fro River Island!

Just a couple of variations on the previous outfit! I added a fut coat to the previous look just for a stylish way to keep warm and I also swapped the beaded top for a metallic gold t-shirt for those who don't want the all over embellishment!! The fur coat looks great with a dressy outfit but it would also work brilliantly with a more casual outfit and the colour is a nice alternative to black but will still go with a lot. The t-shirt is great because it can be put with a skirt like this for a laid back evening look but can also be paired with jeans or leggings for a stylish outfit for the day too. It's very versatile and the scalloped hem matches that of the skirt really well.

Top Picture
Top - River Island £45
Skirt - River Island £45
Fur Coat - Chelsea Girl at River Island £65

Bottom Picture
Top - River Island £30
Skirt - River Island £45

Party Season Styling!!

I like this look a lot, don't be afraid to double up on things like embellishments and prints etc because it very often works really well. I think this is a good example of how to really work this seasons trend for beading and sequins. The colours go together perfectly and the matching scalloped hem of the top and skirt draw the two separates together as an outfit, as do the shapes of the embellishments. I think it's important to remember if you want to double up on embellishments and prints, look for details in the pieces that will complement eachother. River Island seem to have picked up on a 20's theme with a lot of their pieces so this outfit has quite a vintage feel to it which is really pretty and the loose fitting silhouette is nice and comfortable to dance in!!

Top - River Island £45
Skirt - River Island £45

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Couple of dresses to finish off today :-)

There's not really any styling gone into these I just thought they were nice party season dresses!! The top dress looks amazing on Tori and really flatters her figure. The length works well because it's long sleeved it needs to be quite short so she doesn't look completely swamped by material! It's a really nice colour and the sequins add a bit a festive glamour which is,or course, what this piece is all about! The second dress needs to be styled well to accentuate the 20's style as on it's own we both thought it looked a little bit like a night dress because of the under layer. Having said this the dress is really on trend and with the right accessories and hairstyle, this could be a real show stopper. I particularly like the beaded hem detailing, I think it's really unusual and different. The dress kind of reminds me of a 20's flapper dress and with this in mind I would style it with a wavy up do, chunky heels and some statement dangly earrings to really exaggerate the bejewelled look.

Top dress - Topshop £58
Bottom embellished dress - River Island  £60

And some more...

Firstly, apologies for the terrible quality of the second picture!! And secondly, I love this look :-) Pencil skirts are really classy and sexy and great with a pair of killer heels to accentuate your legs!! The print on this is a good alternative to plain black and goes brilliantly with the purple beaded top for a sophisticated yet fun evening look. Complete this look with some very high heels and a fitted blazer for a curvy silhouette.

Top - Topshop £36
Skirt - Topshop £38

More Party Styling

One for those who don't want all the frills and sequins! I've used the velvet shorts again as they are so versatile. This time I have put a chiffon strap top over them, the thing I love about this top is that while it is quite plain  from the front, it's got a really lovely cross over beaded back just to add a bit of subtle detailing. To add to the cutesy, Parisian feel to this look I completed it with a tweed blazer, I spotted it across the shop and HAD to use it! The shape and fit of this jacket is just what you would expect a tweed jacket to look like and a really stylish way to stay warm in winter.

Shorts - Topshop £38
Top - Topshop - £38
Jacket - Topshop £65

Friday, 18 November 2011

I LOVE this top!!!!!!! You can't see so well in this image but it's actually a bit cropped and it looks really good with jeans (i've tried it on a few times!) It looks really cute with these velvet shorts and I think this look is great for the party season as it's still very feminine without being out and out girly. As previously mentioned beaded tops are very popular this season and are a great way to dress up jeans and liven up slightly more plain garments. Velvet is the kind of fabric I associate with party dresses from when I was younger so I will always associate it with the Christmas party season and these shorts are really lovely and are great to team with more glitzy tops. I love the little bow belt that comes with the shorts too as I think they definitely benefit from having a belt and it's nice that it was thought of for us! I would style this outfit with some ankle boots and  gold bangles which will bring out the lovely purple of the top.

Top - Topshop £36
Shorts - Topshop £38

Party Season Styling

This dress is actually a really lovely purple colour but it's come out blue in the picture which is annoying!! Nevertheless it's still a classic maxi, flattering and very elegant. It's unusual in that the length isn't completely full length, its a sort of midi/maxi cross which i'm not sure totally works unless you are Elle Macpherson but it doesn't detract from the fact that the dress is still nice. I like the layered bust, it adds a bit of detail without being over the top and the all over colour provides the perfect backdrop for some statement jewellery or a waist belt. I paired the dress with a cropped leather effect jacket that I actually used in my last high street styling piece. I just think a cropped jacket is so versatile and great to wear over an outfit you don't want completely hidden! This jacket also works really well with high waisted styles.

Dress - H&M £24.99
Belt - Stylists Own
Jacket - H&M 29.99

More Party Styling!!! Two jackets

Since it's freezing cold out I decided to do a jacket look! A nice jacket is a great way to keep warm and still smarten up an outfit. Both these jackets are perfect for the party season, being black they will go with pretty much anything and the shapes of both are really flattering, nipping you in at the waist and accentuating the hips. I really love both these looks, the sequin skirt is great, very in keeping with the party season and teamed with the jackets it keeps the look glam but still sophisticated!

Gold sequin skirt - H&M £19.99
Top Jacket - H&M £24.99
Kimono sleeve blazer - H&M Didn't get the price sorry!!!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Channel 4 - The Stake

Hi everyone!!!! So I have just entered my business idea on The Stake!! I think it's a really good idea that could really work so I would really appreciate if you could take the ime to have a look on the website and vote for my idea!!!!! xx

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Last bit for today, more tomorrow!!!

Both these dresses are so cute and girly I love them!! The gold leaf design on the first dress gives it an almost antiquey look and the metallic effect is perfect for the christmas party season. They're both great shapes because they're flirty and feminine without being too revealing. The second dress is a really lovely soft colour but it will wash out some skin tones so be careful, but the pleated skirt is very on trend this season and gives a nice texture. The vintage look of the pink dress is really delicate and I love the bust detailing, it works perfectly as the dress would otherwise be quite plain. I styled both these dresses with the fur stole as it's a great cover up for the winter months and the bow fastening is perfectly in keeping with the girly style of both dresses. I think tori looks really lovely in both these pieces and the nipped in waists make her look very dainty and feminine!!

Gold dress - Oasis £60
Pink dress - Oasis £65
Fur stole - Oasis £35