Monday, 30 April 2012

Retro Style at ASOS

Well I was just going to do a general retro styling post but ASOS have SO much stuff I decided to keep it to ASOS alone.
Once this horrible weather clears up these gorgeous retro pieces will look perfect in the spring sunshine!!


Dress £28
Dress £38

Playsuit £38
Playsuit £38

skirt £30

skirt £40

skirt £45

skirt £45

skirt £50

skirt £75
top £25

top £25

body £39.95

top £12

top £25 - matches the skirt from earlier!!

top £25

top £30

top £30

top £32

top £38

top £38

top £45

top £48

jumper £57
jacket £150

jacket £38

jacket £45

jacket £60

jacket £60
socks £4

socks £5

tights £6
shoes £15

shoes £22

shoes £35

shoes £35

shoes £40

shoes £55

shoes £75

Sunday, 15 April 2012

1 Dress - Different Ways...Topshop Edition :-)

So we all have our favourite item of clothing that we wear to death and then get bored of or lose inspiration to style. Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes to give you a new idea to revamp an old dress or pair of jeans!
That's why I've decided to do this post and will continue to do more like this. Taking one item from a selected store and showing different ideas of how to style it.
I don't know about anyone else but I am guilty of buying items and forgetting about them once I've worn them a couple of times so hopefully you guys find this post useful!!

This post will focus on this gorgeous Topshop dress, £42

*Everything in this post is from Topshop*


Bralets with this dress give a really cute 50's feel, and because the dress is strapless, it makes it really easy to hide under a top to look like a skirt.
The black top would be great for giving a slightly sporty feel to the outfit and is a nice contrast to the vintage style of the dress.
The sky blue top would look great with the colours of the dress and both this and the brick coloured chiffon top are great to throw over the dress for a comfortable and completely different look. The brick coloured top would also highlight the pinky colour in the dress really nicely.

Black top - £16
Denim bralet - £24
Tie front top - £25
Chiffon top - £27
Blue embellished top - £36


Knits would be great over this dress for when the summer
evenings get a bit chilly. This cropped jumper at the top
would work well with the waistline of the dress and also
give a 50's prom feel.
I love the colour of the heart on this bottom jumper
with the pink in the dress. Throw this jumper over the dress for a pretty yet relaxed look.

Cropped jumper - £36
Heart print jumper - £40


 You can't beat a bit of denim with a 50's style dress! Denim waistcoats always look nice and summery with a pretty dress and denim jackets give a bit more of a retro feel, especially with some pumps or trainers.
The mac is great for a slightly more masculine contrast and would be a great festival look!

Waistcoat - £38
Jacket - £45
Mac - £65


As you can see with the two pink jackets, I've embraced the 50's style again! The bomber jacket is a more laid back everyday look and the wool jacket along with a pair of heels is great for smartening the dress up.
The wrap-around waistcoat is a gorgeous smart piece for warm summer days and great for sprucing up a plain outfit. it would work really well over this dress with a pair of court shoes.
This floral print jacket at the bottom is a great light jacket for spring/summer. Doubling up on prints may be too much for some people but don't be afraid of it as it can look fun when done well.

Waistcoat - £45
Pink bomber - £50
Pink wool - £65
Floral - £68


I won't go on about all these shoes as that would just get boring but you can get the idea! Trainers with the denim jacket for a 50's feel, brogues as they look great with summer dresses and then heels that bring out the various colours in the dress.

Trainers - £28
Slipper shoes - £30
Tan sandals - £35
Peach ankle strap - £40
Pink boat shoes - £45
Peach brogues - £45
Turquoise suede heels - £65
Tan heels - £85
Lace up ankle shoes - £90
Pink zip detail heels - £85

 Just a small selection of bags, there are so many that would look great with this dress! Had to pick a straw bag...summery, organic and the perfect accompaniment to a summer dress with denim waistcoat and brogues :-)
A backpack is always a great choice of bag, especially on day trips as you can stick everything you need in it, stick it on your back and you don't have to worry about it!
Little across body bags always look pretty with a dress and are great for a shopping trip as it's one less bag to try and juggle in your hands!

Straw bag - £32
Backpack - £34
Oversized tan bag - £55
White cross body bag - £32
Blue cross body bag - £32

That's it for this post, hope you enjoyed it and I will be doing more so if anyone has any requests, get in touch!