Saturday, 24 September 2011

We didn't realise how short this dress was going to look on Tasha, she is very tall though so it won't look as short on most other people!!!
The dress is quite cute and I like how exaggerated the skirt is. I teamed it with the leather jacket to give it a bit more of a rock, harsh edge and to tone down the girliness a bit! But you could go either way with a dress like this. Go all out girly, curly hair, nude heels, pretty cropped blazer or cardigan and a pendant. I chose to combine the soft dress with the harsher leather jacket and I think it works really well. I particularly like how well it goes with the jacket done up, looks like the two pieces were designed to go together!

Leather trousers are really popular tight now and this pair from H&M are great, very flattering and comfortable, as well as affordable!! The loose top gives it a relaxed look and the jacket complements the whole outfit perfectly. I am a huge fan of this jacket, its flatteringly androgynous and the shape looks great. I want the lot!!

I love this jumpsuit but Tasha wasn't a fan. Having said that, it looks really nice on her

For the record, Tasha is a size 10 and 5 ft 10 just so you can visualise :-)

High Street Styling

As promised, I have visited my local shopping centre and undertaken some changing room photoshoots with my little sister Tasha as my lovely model!!
I went to Topshop, H&M, Miss Selfridge and Primark, and I will post images from each store each day, starting with H&M today :-)
I hope you like the pieces I have chosen, we had a lot of fun and I will be doing more stores soon!!

Friday, 23 September 2011

I am useless!!!

Ok, I have been awful recently. I haven't been on here in weeks and I am very sorry.
I've just started a new job and been settling in but I am back now and ready to get going!! I dragged my poor little sister into town to style her up in some changing room photoshoots and these images will be going up tomorrow!! They will then be followed by some more styling adive so please keep checking back here and I promise to make it bigger and better since I've been so useless!! x