Monday, 25 June 2012

Noctis Magazine Issue 4 with my styling!!!

Finally it's here!! My first published styling shoot for Noctis Magazine :-) Pleased to say one of our shots made the cover too which is really great!!!
Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think! I will be doing a post on some of the great new designers featured in this shoot some time this week too

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Behind the scenes at Noctis Magazine

As I said in my previous post I styled a shoot for Noctis Magazine last Thursday, it's on online magazine and this issue will be out on Monday so take a look at the shoot and see what you think!!!

The shoot was a tea party theme with a real youthful feel to it, lots of soft shades and pretty props and the lovely Noctis intern Jodie, who is a great photographer, took some lovely behind the scenes shots on the day! 

When the issue is out I will post the final shots on here too along with the credits so you can check out the fantastic new designers I used :-)

But for now here are a few behind the scenes images...

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Would help if I gave you the website!!!

Printmonkey London

Hi Guys!!

I'm so sorry i've been so absent recently, had a busy few weeks but have some exciting posts for you coming up so keep checking back :-)

I did a shoot for Noctis Magazine last Thursday which was great, stressful as I had 6 models to style, 3 boys 3 girls and not a lot of time but it turned out good!! I wanted to share with you a great printed tee brand that I was recommended by the magazine. I didn't get to use their items for the shoot in the end as they didn't really fit the concept but I really like their prints and I think you guys will too so take a look, I LOVE the womens spade vest!!!

Anchor Vest - £19.95

Diamond Tee - £24.95

Heart Vest - £19.95

Lightning Crop - £24.95

This is my favourite!!! Spade Vest - £19.95

Sunset Tee - £24.95 (I like how pretty they've made the skull look with the colours :-))

Wear With.......
All Topshop


Decay Tee - £24.95

Space by Remy Dautin Tee - £24.95

Stag Tee - £24.95

Wear with...
All Topshop

Monday, 4 June 2012

Caviar Manicure

Ciate present the Caviar Manicure!!! This is the ultimate in luxury nail art, I want to scoff at the idea of having caviar on your nails but there's no denying it looks good, I'm loving the black!!!
Follow this link to buy it and check out the how to apply tutorial, so easy!! Love to know if anyone else has already tried this and whether it works well or not?

Saturday, 2 June 2012

More Ascot Styling from ASOS

Black Dress - £38
Floral Dress - £48
Pink Dress - £50
White Dress - £135
Floral Fitted Dress - £140
Peach Shoes - £60
Lilac Shoes - £44
Drop Ball Earrings - £7
Gem Earrings - £5
Blue Belt - £6
Floral Belt - £5.50

Spotty Trousers - £25
Blue Vest Top - £25
Floral Top - £32
Cream Trousers - £28
Cream Blazer - £55
Pink Shoes - £55
Ball Necklace - £9
Rose Earrings - £15

Brown Spotty Skirt - £32
Cream Vest Top - £30
Blue Skirt - £35
Floral Vest Top - £38
Tan and Coral Skirt - £40
Round Stud Earrings - £6
Cream Shoes - £52
Floral Shoes - £18
Collar Necklace - £12