Wednesday, 30 May 2012

More Ascot styling from Miss Selfridge

Round 2 of Ascot styling, sorry I didn't post yesterday, bit of a busy evening!! But anyway I hope you like my selection from Miss S, I really love the skirt look!!

Brown Dress - £39
Pink Dress - £42
Silver Dress - £55
Orange Dress - £42
Burnt Orange Midi Dress - £42
Cream Shoes - £50
Belt - £12
Earrings - £7.50
Brown T-bar Shoes - £47

Jacket - £30
Vest Top - £28
Skirt - £37
Left Earrings - £12.50
Top Stud Earrings - £12.50
Coral Shoes - £42

Monday, 28 May 2012

Ascot inspiration - Topshop

So my lovely friends have been HOUNDING me to help them think of ideas for Ascot as the dress code has got a lot stricter this year. I've decided to do a store a day for the week so keep checking back every day for new styles :-)

Alex and Kiran, you can stop bugging me now, i'm on it!!

Bit of Topshop to kick off the weeks proceedings...

Suit Jacket - £45
Trousers - £25
Orange Top - £30
Cream Top - £32
Orange Shoes - £115
Cream Shoes - £75
Necklace - £10
Earrings - £6.50

Cream Dress - £125
Blue Dress - £48
Blue Floral Dress - £49
Orange Dress - £46
Brown Shoes - £62
Pearl Earrings - £5
Collar Necklace - £18.50
Belt - £16

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Rozzy's Wedding Outfit...

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in so long and also that this is just a little one but I've been planning a shoot taking place this once it's over you will have some very exciting images coming your way!!

Anyway, I asked some friends what they wanted to see on the blog and the lovely Rosalyn asked for some accessories ideas to go with this dress for a wedding. Since we are coming into wedding season I thought some of you would appreciate this so here's a few ideas...

Rozzy's dress

 First off, just because the dress comes with a belt it doesn't mean you have to wear that belt, try mixing it up with this gorgeous cornflower blue belt or add the gold belt for a bit more bling? Clashing colours can work too, try yellow or berry pink for a focal point.

ASOS £15

Collars are still hugely popular and are a great way of sprucing up a higher neckline. They're great for something slightly more formal like a wedding too. The pearls will go really well with the colour of the dress and the embellished white flower collar will bring out the pattern of the dress. If you don't feel brave enough to go for the collar try a collar style necklace instead!!

Topshop £12.50

Topshop £16

Miss Selfridge £8.50

ASOS £15

Chunky gold necklaces are great with this colour dress and with a higher neckline the dress gives a good background for statement jewellery. If you don't want to go for solid gold try a necklace like below with pearl detail to add a bit of softness.

Miss Selfridge £10

Topshop £10

Topshop £12.50

If you want something a little more girly, follow the floral theme with a statement floral necklace! This one is so cute and again, don't be afraid of clashing colours every now and again, especially with a statement piece. This would work great in shades of blue though if you did want to match the dress more :-)

ASOS £12

Long necklaces would look good with this dress too. Remember not to go for anything to thin or with too small a charm or it will get lost in the pattern of the dress. Something in a much darker colour with a chunky gem will look best.

ASOS £8.50

ASOS £12

ASOS £17

Topshop £8.50

If you decide to go for more of a statement belt then you don't want a necklace as it will be an overload in the same area so in that case some earrings are a nice way to finish off the outfit :-) Pretty, feminine pieces will look nice with the feminine dress and the blue gem earrings are a fantastic colour!!




Topshop £4

Topshop £12.50

Anyway, that's my take on styling accessories with this dress and obviously this is just a small selection to give you an idea of pointers! The big things to remember are, try different belts in different colours and remember to co-ordinate your shoes to the belt if you go for a clashing colour otherwise it will look like a mess of too many colours going on!! A statement necklace won't work with a statement belt so choose the piece you like best, if it's a belt, then choose some earrings to accompany it and if you go for a statement necklace, keep the belt simple and skinny :-)
Hope you all liked this small post, I promise there will be some more exciting stuff coming soon!! Rozzy, I hope this has been helpful!!!


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Met Gala - Best/Worst and Get The Look!

I've been poring over the pictures from the Met Gala and it only seemed right to do a post on it as i've always got some kind of opinion on every outfit! As usual there are some gorgeous pieces and some not so gorgeous pieces and below is just my opinion of some of the best and some of the worst, feel free to contact me with your own opinions if you disagree!!
And after that I've taken the stand out trends from the evening and found a few high street options that I hope you like!!

Best Dressed

Amber Heard - Zac Posen.
Gorgeous colour, slightly ill fitting
but overall she looks lovely.
Ashley Greene - Donna Karan. The funny sleeve
is unnecessary but love the rest. Feminine and elegant.
Needs an up-do and earrings badly though.

Camilla Belle - Ralph Lauren. She looks STUNNING. The dress is perfect on her slight frame, the colour is great against her skin tone, jewellery is just right and I love how shes gone dark with the lips. One of my favourites.

Emily Blunt - Calvin Klein. Gorgeous colour.
I like that she has fair skin as this could look tacky
with a tan. I also like that she's gone dark with
her eye makeup to counter the bright dress.
Really sleek and sophisticated.
Emma Roberts - Escada. I can't stop staring at the
creases, bit of a shame but it's the nature of the material
unfortunately. The dress itself is very pretty and flatters
Emma's petite frame without overloading it. The colour is
very bold against her skin tone, would have loved to see
it in maybe a more lemon yellow but I like the style on her.

January Jones - Versace. Kind of hinting at the
sporty trend here! Love the hip detail and style
lines to enhance her curves, the shape is so flattering!
Jessica Alba - Michael Kors. Another of my favourites
of the night! She always looks stunning and this is
another hit for her. With her olive complexion she can get
away with this strong metallic shade and the shape
is so flattering, giving her a tiny waist and long legs.

Jessica Biel - Prada. I'm in two minds about this dress,
I put it in best dressed as I love the colour
and detailing and I love the shape around the bust.
But what is with the hem? It looks like it's been
taken up at the last min and the length is all wrong.
I would love to see this in full length chiffon ideally
but just full length would be so much better.
Karolina Kurkova - Rachel Zoe. Minus that headpiece this looks fab on the gorgeous Victorias Secret model. It clings to her curves in all the right places and the back view is really attractive. Lovely colour too.

Kate Bosworth - Prada. Love this flapper girl style!!
Petite Kate can really pull off this look and her
youthful features lend themselves perfectly
to this fun flirty style. The dark tones against
her pale complexion work really well as a striking

Lana Del Rey - Joseph Altuzarra. Take off that cape
and this dress is stunning. The simple strapless style
is a great choice with such a bold material as it's just
the right amount without being too much. Again, loving
the dark lips with the metallic.

Lily Collins - Valentino. Perfect choice for Lily's delicate rose features. On anyone else
this might not work but the beautifully feminine material and colours looks gorgeous
on the beautiful Lily. Her stylist knows exactly what to put her in!
Rihanna - Tom Ford. Great look for Rihanna. Not
the biggest fan of the material but it works on her
and the style really suits her.

Rooney Mara - Givenchy. I don't usually like this see-thru style but it works on Rooney. I think it's because
she's not an overtly sexual character that it doesn't look
revealing, more daring. She's got a great face for gothic
styles and this really suits her.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Burberry. It's Rosie so she always
looks stunning! Elegant, sophisticated, she looks lovely.
I like that she's gone for an up-do to how of her lovely long neck
and the earring are the perfect feature.
Scarlett Johansson - Dolce and Gabbana. Love the top part of this dress, love the sleeves and all the detailing.  Unsure about the bottom part. I like it and it's very pretty but the netting is a little stiff? Maybe it would flow better in a chiffon fabric. Alternatively I think it would look lovely in a fitted style in the same material as the top.

Sofia Vergara - Marchesa. The lovely Marchesa ladies
know exactly how to make women look beautiful! The fabric
and folding is stunning and the way she has her hair and makeup etc
fits perfectly with the dress. Beautiful.

Worst Dressed

Alexa Chung - Marc Jacobs. What? I have no words,
this is horrendous. Ill fitting, horrible material, horrible
shoes and the shirt makes it look like dodgy office
wear! I've no idea what was going through the usually
fashionable Alexa's head.

Chloe Sevigny - Miu Miu. I may be courting
controversy with this statement but I don't rate
Chloe Sevigny's style as much as everyone
else seems to. This is horrible. Why wear a dress
this horrible that then shows unflattering underwear
underneath? I do like that she takes challenges
but I don't like this. Would like to see her in something
more feminine.

Christina Ricci - Thakoon. NO. The dress on its own
would be nice. But then she has to go and ruin it with
that ridiculous bow!!! She's just trying to be a bit
'quirky' but this is not the way to do it.

Florence Welch - Alexander McQueen. Oh Florence, I love her usually ethereal style but this is just silly. Far too much, awful length, makes her look like she has really short legs. It's horrible. I think Cate Blanchett's stifling giggles behind her back.

Gwyneth Paltrow - Prada. Just, no. This looks like it's still being
constructed! Side boob and legs? I don't like this at all, the only
saving grace is the lovely colour, besides that, send
it back to Prada to finish.
Kristen Stewart - Balenciaga. AAARGHHH THE SHOES!! They upset me. A lot. I'm not
a fan of the dress but the shoes just make it so much worse what was she thinking?!?
The length of the dress is terrible too, she's got great legs and she's young so they should
be chopping off a good 5 inches and showing off those pins!

Leighton Meester - Marchesa.  Wheeeeyy tan!! The top of the dress is pretty, the bottom
looks like a bit of an explosion. I think it's the tan that's ruining this whole look. On someone
with paler skin this would probably be ok. I also think this makes her look much wider
 than she is.

Leslie Mann - Nina Ricci. Lovely colour, but that's it.
Again another case of hideous shoes. But the dress is
just silly. The ruffles down the front look out
of place, the belt is tacky and the straps
look like exposed bra straps rather than part of the dress.
Liv Tyler - Givenchy. I love Liv Tyler but the shape of this dress isn't doing it for me.
It looks like shes wearing a black vest top underneath and the top layer sits right on top
of the narrowest part of her waist losing her lovely shape! Like the way the dress
hangs at the bottom though.

Eva Mendes - Prada. This is not her best look.
The colour suits her but the fabric is horrible, it has no shape
and looks too stiff. And I don't like the badly placed gems
on the top, looks tacky.

Get The Look on the High Street


First - ASOS £55

Second - ASOS £159

Third - ASOS £45

Fourth - French Connection £140

Fifth - Topshop £200


First - Topshop £32

Second - Topshop £125

Third - Topshop £175

Fourth - Topshop £50 - Try a leotard underneath a la Lydia Bright

Fifth - Miss Selfridge £55

Sixth - Miss Selfridge £55

Seventh - ASOS £38


First - Miss Selfridge £22

Second - Topshop £30

Third - Topshop £42


First - ASOS £28

Second - Topshop £42

Third - Topshop £225


First - ASOS £120

Second - French Connection £160

Third - French Connection £220

Fourth - French Connection £285