Monday, 27 February 2012

Total Recall Vintage Spring lookbook has landed!!!

So the lovely people at Total Recall Vintage sent me some images from their new spring lookbook and it is definitely making me wish the weather was better here!!! There are some really great pieces that I can't wait to get my hands on so here are a few images along with some of my own styling ideas too :-)

Photos - Nicole Christian
Makeup - Lindsay Vessel
Models - Jessie and Aimee

Love this rock chick look. It's a great laid back, off-duty style which oozes low maintenance sexiness. Pairing this vest with distressed denim shorts is a no-brainer, works everytime but for those in less warmer climates a pair of acid wash skinny jeans turned up at the ankle with brogues and a brick brown blazer would also look great. Or for those wanting a more retro feel double up on the denim with a mens denim jacket!

This leotard is a great colour! Again, the high waisted shorts work great and I can also see this working well with a nude chiffon maxi skirt to soften it or some leather trousers to bring out the gothic side. 

Printed trousers are huge at the minute and these are really relaxed and fun. I love how 80's these look so my immediate reaction would be to stick some denim on the top, a waistcoat or cropped jacket. Alternatively, a loose cropped vest in the green colour on the trousers would make a really vibrant alternative, as would a denim bra top for a flirty 50's vibe. 

Same look as the top image but we can see these awesome boots!! I love the colour and this would be enhanced really well over some black or navy leggings. A cute floral sun dress would also work brilliantly.

This is a cool image. Love the jewellery, love the hat, love the print on the top. Styling ideas below on the full length shot.

This top is so pretty! I love the whole look here, and those shoes!! A bodycon miniskirt peeking out the bottom of the top would be a nice contrast to the loose fit of the t-shirt and a flowing maxi skirt would give a great boho feel with the hat and long, natural hair.

Love this green!! I am huge fan of this colour, it's so retro and i'm sure I owned a t-shirt like that when I was younger!!! I like how they've styled this with hotpants, denim always works with a colour like this and cycling shorts would look great under this channelling that old school feel!! Alternatively, tucked into a fitted black maxi skirt with a gold chain belt loosely slung on the hips would look great.

Hope you all love Total Recall as much as I do! Check out the website for their fantastic range of vintage gear and remember...if you're not based in the US get a group of you to order together to save on shipping costs!!!


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sh*t Fashion Girls Say Part 1 (recommended by the one and only KB)

I know fashion industry peeps get a lot of stick but...this is bloody hilarious!!!

London Fashion Week Street Style - The pavement is their catwalk!

Hi Guys!!

Ok so I decided since it was, of course, London Fashion Week I couldn't not go and do a street styling piece given that there was guaranteed to be some amazing outfits on display. So I went yesterday with my lovely friend Toni and we certainly weren't disappointed!

There was some amazing fashion on the streets of London yesterday and I would like to say thank you to the wonderful people who let me take pictures of them and  please share with your friends etc if you like it!

Hope everyone enjoys looking through the images anyway, definitely taken away some great styling tips from the day :-)

The photographers were really loving this girl and you can see why! Love her edgy, retro style and the jacket is bang on trend. Find some similar pieces in Topshop and River Island

Bumped into this gorgeous girl and her friends (the two looks below) coming up a set of stars, perfect place for an impromptu shoot!! LOVE the jewel tones here, and the sequin cape caught my attention immediately! All the different colours and aspects of this outfit complement eachother perfectly, definitely a showstopper! 

Another of the lovely girls on the stairs! Love how stylish yet laid back this look is. Really like the colour of the jumper with the floral pattern on the shirt underneath. A shirt worn underneath is a great way to liven up a jumper and I think this is a great example of how to work it! Printed shirts are always easy to find on the high street and River Island has a great new selection.

Last of the stairs girls! For those who like to wear black, here's how to do it in style!! This dress is really cute and I wish I owned those shoes!! She is rocking that collar, it adds a nice detail to a plain dress and they are really on trend at the moment, ASOS have a really good selection to choose from. Another good reason to wear all over colour is that you can crack out a statement bag and this leopard print number looks great against a black background :-)

Love his individual style! The blue and black palette is complementary and ensures that necklace takes pride of place!!! Really like the silhouette of the jacket and I love that he has committed to the look with the hat to really complete it.

And here's that necklace up close. He told me it did used to have something else dangling from the bottom but I still think it looks great the way it is :-)

Loved these guys and their effortless style. Again, this lady shows how to rock all black and that is with textures. The contrasting textures of the chunky knit scarf, wool coat and flowing skirt as well as that gorgeous leather bag give you different aspects to focus on and I love that she has stayed minimal on the jewellery as this look really suits her. And I can't leave this without pointing out the shoes this gentleman is wearing, I love them. They are a great alternative to typical smart black shoes and a nicer option that trainers when you want to wear something smarter, they look great with jeans too.

I love all the contrasting patterns and colours in this outfit, everything works really well together and it was really interesting taking all the different details in! I particularly like how the muted colours are injected with the bright orange in her necklace and the red of the buttons on her jacket. Just really like this outfit!! :-)

Close-up of the necklace, you can also see in better detail the layer of the sheer white top over the stripes

Spotted this lovely lady brightening up everyone's day in this sorbet ensemble! I love pink and orange together anyway and the different hints of pink throughout this outfit were really pretty and the exotic colours look fantastic on her skin tone. Sorbet colours are really popular at the moment and you can find them all over the high street.

Her and her equally lovely friend in the picture below were both sporting pieces from Tara Starlet, a boutique specialising in 40's and 50's inspired clothes, check them out online at

First off I would like to say how much I loved the pose this lady struck when I took a picture of her! Encapsulating the Tara Starlet style perfectly here :-) Again we are seeing jewel tones with this gorgeous skirt and I absolutely love how well all these colours work with eachother. She's really stayed true to the retro style with the hair and cat eye glasses and she looks great!

I was immediately drawn to the girl on the rights paisley print shirt and the gorgeous colour of it! It's really on trend and River Island has some very similar pieces. I also love the fact that she has drawn out the blue in the shirt with that gorgeous handbag! I want to highlight the coat and belt on the girl on the left. Putting a belt round the waist of a block colour coat is a great way to dress it up and add some detail, particularly good when it's cold outside but you still want to look stylist while wrapping up! Try adding a chunky embellished belt for a statement look.

Close up of the necklace. I'm a huge fan of putting a necklace over a buttoned up shirt and this works really well with the shirt, love it.

Spotted this gorgeous girl handing out a fashion paper and looking very stylish while she was at it!! Really love her effortlessly cool look and she's showing brilliantly how to make ankle swingers look good!! Love the fact you can see her socks peeking out the top of her boots, a great look for a long legged lady! Really like the way she has layered up different patterns to give the black a nice lift :-)

Can't beat a man in a long wool coat and this is a really great coat! Love the colours going on here, they all complement eachother perfectly and I really like how understated this look is, it really suits his tall slender frame. Smart, stylish and effortless.

Gotta love a bit of 80's grunge!!! Neon brights are extremely popular this season and this is a great way to style it authentically with the chunky denim jacket. I like that she has layered a different colour green underneath the neon to add depth and another aspect to the colour palette. Great laid back style.

Agh I LOVE THESE GIRLS!!! It's so refreshing to see something so completely different and unique for once! They're exciting, vibrant and fun and you can really see they're expressing their personalities and individualities through their outfits. I really think this is what personal style is all about and these girls made my day. Vintage stores are a great way to find one off, unusual pieces from different eras.

I love how this gorgeous girl used key pieces to brighten up a muted palette. Her outfit is simple and understated but then the necklace and beanie hat add really interesting stand out features. Even without these pieces, the monochrome look is always a winner in the style stakes and a printed t-shirt like this is a great wardrobe staple :-)

Again, a great all-black look! When you have a statement piece like this necklace, it's a good idea to keep the rest of the outfit plainer to create a backdrop for the jewellery. Black is always an effective choice because as you can see the necklace really stands out against the darkness. Love the socks and boots combo too, keeps your feet nice and warm and looks great too!

Close-up of that gorgeous necklace!! Topshop has some great gold pieces at the moment.

Ahhh love a bit of studded leather!!!! I love all the textures going on here, the studs, the leather, the tie-dye, it all comes together really well and each detail complements the others. I think she looks great in this and it's a fantastic example of how to wear tie dye and get it right!

Stopped this poor girl when she was on the way to a show, if you see this I hope we didn't make you late!! This is a really great example of how to rock block colours for those who don't like or want to wear prints etc, Really love the palette of blues and greys, all the individual pieces work well together and I LOVE those sleeves on the jacket. Great alternative to a plain blazer and very pretty :-)

Love the way she added the necklace detail to add a focal point :-)

Really like this look!! I love all the different aspects to this outfit, the skirt is beautiful and I love how she's put it with an androgynous style on the top instead of going all out girly, makes it so much more interesting to look at! Really like the colour combinations here too.The jacket is gorgeous and you can easily recreate this with a black coat or blazer and fur stole :-)

Close up on the earrings and western style necklace which she bought off ebay. Lots of jewellery in this western/cowboy style in Topshop!

These guys seemed like so much fun and I love all the trends going on here, the pastel jeans, fur detail coat, statement blazer in the middle, upturned collar on that fantastic coat on the left and the draped scarf on the guy in the middle. Individually they all look great and they all look super cool together too :-)

Love this girl, the way she turned herself when I took the picture so I got that awesome rucksack in the shot too was great! She looks fantastic in this outfit and I am extremely jealous of the hat, rucksack and jacket! She manages to pull off the quite masculine style jacket while still looking pretty and feminine and the hat really suits her. Love this look a lot!

Last but certainly not least is brilliant style statement! The photographers were absolutely loving this girl, as was I! The pink with the black is really striking but we are all looking at the same thing...that flower headpiece. It is stunning and is only more highlighted by her jet black hair. I like how she has followed the theme down to her shoes by adding those adorable flowers. It's clear to see she has really thought about the look she wanted and gone all out to achieve it and she looks great :-)

And that is it for my Tuesday at LFW, hope you all liked browsing through the different styles and looks! I had great fun meeting all the wonderful people and I can't wait for the day when i'm there watching the shows myself!


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Online vintage store Gigi Vintage

At the risk of sounding a bit fashion pretentious..i've died and gone to vintage heaven!!!!

This place is right up my street, mainly because it has so much 80's stuff which I absolutely love!!! My wish list is getting bigger the longer I browse and the prices are really reasonable which is great considering it's all genuine vintage pieces. It's also got some great designer pieces too for those with a bigger budget! Remember these are one off vintage finds so once it's gone it's gone and a lot of amazing pieces have sold out already so get buying!!! I'm going to share with you my favourite pieces along with some styling tips :-)

Studded Levi shorts £35 - LOVE these, great length too if you don't want your bum cheeks out! The studding adds a nice detail and I would put this with a floral cropped corset top for a cute summer look.
Betty Barclay mini dress £28 - This dress is awesome. Love the relaxed fit and power shoulders! The belt doesn't come with this but I would definitely style this with a belt, skinny belts work great with this style but equally a chunky embellished statement belt in white or pastel shades such as green, orange or blue would enhance the candy cane look of this dress. 
Chanel clip earrings £95 - I WANT THESE!! Got to be paired with a Chanel-esque tweed jacket in black and cream :-)
Yves Saint Laurent £195 - Cat eye glasses give such a glamorous retro look. I am immediately picturing these with a knee length, off the shoulder fitted black dress and an up-do for old school glam.

Christian Dior sunglasses £195 - Again, glamorous retro sunnies! High waisted palazzo pants and a chiffon blouse will set these off beautifully.
Brief Encounter fishtail bow dress £35 - I had to add this little gem in! Such a cute 80's party dress. The off the shoulder look is so flattering and feminine. A french pleat, pearl drop earrings and dainty kitten heels will complete this look perfectly.

Tissavel France fauz fur coat £28 (sale) - Ok for this price you would be mad not to get this!! You can't beat a chunky fur coat to keep you warm and stylish in the winter months! Paired with some skinny jeans and wedge heels this would be a great daytime look.
Aztec leather rucksack £22 - I love a good rucksack :-) If you're going for a hard days shopping, put on a rucksack and it's one less bag to carry!!

Colourblock faux fur coat £22 - I LOVE how extreme this is! The huge power shoulders create a striking silhouette. I love the patterned tights they have styled it with here and an 80's style LBD would complete this look really well.

C&A pink dress £28 - This is really cute and a nice, easy fit. As with the previous pink dress the belt isn't included in this but it definitely needs one, just to break up the all over colour. A black belt with chunky black wedges are a good strong colour to complement the hot pink and try adding a little bow tie for a quirky, fun element!

Striped mini dress £30 - Ahoy sailor!!! A great little day dress, keep it casual in the summer with sandals or pop a pair of opaque tights and flat ankle boots while it's still a bit chilly!
Adidas oversized crop sweatshirt £18 - LOVE this. I'm a huge fan of 80's street style and I can already picture this with high waisted leggings, chunky gold earrings and a headband. Some vintage high tops will complete the retro street look or try adding some heeled ankle boots for a glamorous edge.

Levis denim jacket £30 - Love the oversized style to this jacket! Again highlighting the 80's trend  perfectly.  Floral prints are big right now, if you've seen the new River Island Welcome to Miami campaign you'll get where i'm coming from when I say wear this over a cropped floral bustier and matching high waisted floral trousers with chunky gold jewellery :-)

Yellow colour block dress £28 - Pastels colours are huge this season and I love the contrast cap sleeve panels . Again a great dress for daytime and a great alternative to jeans or leggings. Wear with black tights, a chunky knit cardigan and brogues. And of course a belt to cinch in that waist, try a navy blue belt which will work really well with the colours in the dress!
KTC acid wash denim shirt £25 - Love a bit of acid wash!! I love this look with the hat but other styling ideas would be to wear this open with a cute little playsuit in the summer or done up over black skinny jeans with neon pink wedge boots.

Hermann Lange Collection floral drape jacket £25 - This is bang on trend for spring/summer! I LOVE the way they've styled this with a leotard and high waisted shorts. Different variations could be to pair with denim shorts and a black leotard or a brightly coloured bralet as suggested on the website :-)
Topshop acid wash denim shirt £25 - More acid wash! Tie this shirt up at the front and pop on some hotpants, a headscarf and gold hoop earrings for a retro summer vibe

Rianr Hotti sheer leopard print shirt £25 - I have a gold metal bow brooch which would look great  on the collar of this! Sheer chiffon shirts seem to have stuck around as they are so versatile and easy to wear. I like how this is styled but for a slightly more dressed up look wear with a bodycon mini skirt, suspender style tights and black boots.
Sheer floral print shirt £25 - This is so pretty! I would wear this over a bodycon vest style dress and cream ankle boots for a pretty daytime look. Swap the boots for big heels and pop on a leather jacket for evening drinks :-)

Well that's just a selection of my favourites from Gigi Vintage, a lot of great pieces were sold out so get on there fast!! - I highly recommend! :-)