Saturday, 22 October 2011

Lastly from Miss Selfridge...

I want this outfit so badly!!! It's so flattering and is one of the best jumpsuits i've seen in a while. The fabric is really good as it hangs nicely off her and I love the way it gets tighter at the bottom and stays cropped rather than being loose. The cropped leg and high waist lengthen her legs even more and the shape of the top and the looseness at the top really complements her frame. The jacket sets off the whole outfit perfectly and the length and shape are a good match, it complements it rather than overwhelming it. I have nothing bad to say about this, just make sure you wear a belt with the jumpsuit to break up the all over colour!

Miss Selfridge

I wanted to try this skirt with a couple of looks. I used the jumper again as the outfit is a nice way to wear a skirt when the weather gets colder. It's an easy look that works for different occasions and it's really comfortable but still girly and pretty. The pink top is very Zara actually and the colours work really well. Mustard is a good colour for this season and the outfit has a very warm palette which works well with Tasha's skin tone. Again, it's comfortable but the top smartens it up and a chunky gold statement necklace would look great as the top provides a nice background for it.

More from Miss Selfridge

The green jeans again! They're a really good colour for this season and they worked really well with a lot of the colours in the store. This jumper is great. It's a really nice slouchy fit and I like the fact it's a little shorter as  it won't overwhelm smaller frames and you can wear a nice belt with it. What I particularly like about this jumper is that it is a nice casual fit but the sparkles keep it glitzy, it's a nice alternative to a plain jumper if you want to be comfortable while still looking glamorous!

High Street Styling - Miss Selfridge

I currently have an obsession with beaded, sparkly tops. I think they're great for dressing up jeans and with a pair of heels this outfit would look great in a club, bar, restaurant or a nice day/evening out! It's really versatile and great for understated glamour. The green jeans are great with this top and they have a sort of baroque feel with the way the colours work. Love it!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Last bit of Primark fun!

I liked the Primark changing rooms and I loved the way it has hooks at different levels, it made for a really interesting way to display the clothes!! So this was just a little picture I took, nothing special I just liked the way it looked!

I also recommend the coat, I have it in dark blue and it is so comfy and looks so much more expensive than it is! One of my favourite buy of this season for sure :-)

More Primark styling

I don't really like this as a look, it was sort of the last choice of what I picked in the store and the store was so busy I really didn't want to go back out to pick more stuff! I like the skirt and leotard together but would lose the shrug and pile on loads of statement necklaces and make it a bit more luxe and fun, please picture it this way and not the way it is in the picture!

More Primark styling

This is one of my favourite looks. It hits the block colour trend perfectly and these colours go brilliantly together. The teal trousers are a really unusual colour and look good with the brick band on the top. It has a very "Zara" feel to it and could be workwear or going out wear with the right accessories!

High Street Styling - Primark

I love this, the shape is really flattering and the ruffle at the top adds a nice detail. I put my own belt around it to accentuate the waist and break up the pattern a bit as an all over pattern can be a bit much without some detailing.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Designer recreations

If you're anything like me you love designer clothes...but not the designer price tags!
The amount of times I see something I absolutely love but couldn't even begin to afford is so depressing but until we all become rich and famous/win the lottery there are ways around this little issue.

Designer recreations!! Obviously this won't work in every case but it is easier than you think to alter a bargain buy to make it look like your favourite designer piece and I'm going to show you how!

I'm going to start picking designer pieces at random and showing you how I alter, embellish, and glam up bargain buys to make them look like something I saved up 3 months wages for!!

What I would love is if you guys sent me images of designer pieces you would love to know how to recreate and I can show you my take on them and hopefully you will like it!!

Let me know your thoughts...

Last Topshop look...

This is a great look on Tasha, again, the coloured skinnies illustrating their versatility brilliantly with this animal print chiffon number. The shape of the top is very flattering, its loose without looking boxy and shapeless and I love the sleeves. This look can be dressed up with heels or kept smart/casual with flats or boots and would look great with a leather jacket too.

And more...

Bit of experimenting with the previous looks, just started mixing and matching the pieces I had picked and I really like both these looks. The trousers are a very autumnal colour so look really great with the fur coat as it makes a lovely autumn/winter outfit. And above you can start to see my obsession with the Marilyn tee, it just works with everything and is a lovely alternative to a plain white t-shirt!

More from Topshop...

Love this look! The trousers are a great colour and a good alternative to blue jeans. The colour also works really well with the top and jacket and smartens it up nicely. The cute little cropped beaded top is really pretty and keeps the outfit smarter, alternatively it could be swapped for a t-shirt for a more casual look. The Chanel-esque jacket completes the look perfectly and adds a more grown-up, ladylike finish to the whole outfit.

High Street Stying, Topshop

The next store I did high street styling in was Topshop and we actually struggled to find a lot that I liked!! But we did find a few pieces and here they are :

Tasha didn't like this on her but I really like the look, the colours are really complementary and I love how Parisian she looks! The Marilyn Monroe quote t-shirt is really versatile and I used this again for another look as it works so well with everything. I love the fur in this look, adds a nice bit of winter glam :-)