Monday, 20 April 2015

French Fancy

Hi Guys!

I would firstly like to apologise for the terrible lack of posting this year, I've been so busy I've not had much time to blog so I am very sorry but I hope this little post makes up for it!!

So for the last few weeks I have been on a working holiday in the South of France, working at the absolutely beautiful boutique B&B, Le Tresor. I will actually do a post on Le Tresor when I get home as it's such a stunning place and will make a nice change from all the outfit posts I do!

On Saturday I spent the day browsing round Toulouse, it's full of amazing boutiques and shops and while walking around I couldn't help but notice all the insanely stylish women everywhere. The French are notorious for their sense of style and spending the day people watching the fashionable women of Toulouse inspired me to do a French styling blog post! This is completely my own interpretation of what French style means to me and I've done a selection of 7 different looks from day wear to evening. I intended on browsing the high street to make up these looks but one glance on Zara provided me with so many ideas that I decided to exclusively use Zara products for this post. Zara is my absolute favourite high street store and they have so many classic, timeless items that it's perfect to do this type of post on.

I hope you enjoy my French inspired selection!

Cigarette trousers are the classic French wardrobe staple. Smarter than jeans, they can take an outfit effortlessly from day to evening just with the addition of a pair of heels. This look would work just as well with a pair of light coloured brogues for a day outfit. I love the look of a 3/4 sleeve, perfect for Spring and they always look so classy and elegant. The soft blue and peach look really gorgeous and Spring-y together so I decided to keep the rest of the colour palette nice and neutral just with the addition of the necklace to add a pop of colour. In true French style, the handbag had to be tweed to complete the look in a Chanel-esque fashion!

This is a more relaxed, day time look. Stripes are always associated with typical French fashion, usually a breton striped top and cigarette trousers, so I decided to take a different approach with this skirt. It's a really relaxed fit, flattering length and works brilliantly with the brown accessories. The brown of the bag and shoes add a nice contrast to the monochrome of the outfit and are great wardrobe staples for Spring/Summer. One thing I always notice about French style is that it always seems to favour a looser silhouette rather than fitted items so this top is a great choice to throw on with this skirt for a classic yet comfortable look. Lastly, the hat adds a bit of a St Tropez vibe to this look, perfect for a lunch date!

I love this look. This top is so elegant and classic, and paired with the white trousers and shoes it screams nautical glamour, this is definitely a yatch-ready look! An outfit like this speaks for itself and with this look, less is definitely more to ensure you stand out. The stitching detail on the bag just adds a little interest and the earrings are simple and pretty, ensuring that the focus is on the clothing. If you wanted to add another element, a plain white, wide brimmed hat would be a gorgeous addition and perfect for the Summer.

Another day time look now. I love how carefree and boho this outfit is, the perfect look for a day of sightseeing. This look takes a bit of inspiration from the more rustic French style, earthy tones, peasant blouses and paisley prints. These laced up sandals are gorgeous but they do need to be styled well to showcase them at their best and this girly a-line dungaree dress is just the right length and shape to match with the sandals. Another thing I noticed about the French style is that accessories are often minimal but well considered, this headscarf is a nice way to add some pattern to this look.

This is a real Parisian, fashion week look. Muted palette with darker accessories offer a striking contrast and always look so stylish and clean. I really love this top and all the layers add texture which is why I paired it with a simple, straight leather skirt. These pieces complement each other without competing for attention. With regards to jewellery, again, less is more. Chunky necklaces will start to add more bulk than is necessary and distract from the detail of the top. Headbands are making a comeback this Spring/Summer and this delicate piece is so pretty and simple and along with the bracelets just adds a nice finish to complete this stylish ensemble.

This is a simple, no fuss, stylish day time look that takes inspiration again from the more rustic French style. The dress is a flattering, loose fit and coupled with the sandals creates a laid back, "I just threw this on" type of look that the French do so well. Again, accessorising is all about looking effortless and a scarf is always a great way to add detail to a look. The great thing with this look is that the dress works just as well with or without the scarf so you could either drape it round your neck or tie it onto the handbag, nothing like accessorising your accessories!

This last outfit focuses on layering and adding colour to monochrome. With high waisted skirts like this, the temptation is always to tuck tops in which works brilliantly however, layering over a structured, belted top is a great way to style this look in a more unique way. I have seen this done many times and it always works so well. With a monochrome look, I always like to add elements of colour to make the outfit pop. Yellow is a great Spring/Summer shade and looks really lovely with monochrome to add a soft tone. Clashing prints are always a great way to liven up a look and this bag works really well with the skirt to give this a real Parisian feel, perfect for a lunch date or champagne afternoon tea!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Year, New Wardrobe

Every New Year, I always get the itch to update my wardrobe. I like to experiment with my look and New Year always seems like a good time to throw out the old clothes I don't wear and hit the sales to replace them! I've decided to make a few more "classic" additions to my wardrobe and I'm a lot more conscious of investing in items that will last through seasons and trends. So i've compiled a wishlist of of wardrobe essentials for 2015, I hope you enjoy it!
*I would like to add that I always send my old clothes to a clothes bank or charity shop...once my mum and sisters have raided them!

Topshop - £16

Topshop - £32

Zara - £39.99

Mango - £19.99

Zara - £35.99

Topshop - £24

Zara - £29.99

Topshop - £35

Topshop - £35

Mango - £24.99

Zara - £25.99

Zara - £15.99

Zara - £29.99

Thursday, 21 August 2014

More first date fashion - The Theatre Date, One For The Boys and The Boris Bike Date

Again, a little late with this one so thought i'd catch you up with the most recent first date fashions as featured on the 30dates blog!
As you know, I am very much enjoying being the resident stylist with 30dates and it's been so much fun creating outfits for all the different scenarios Miss Twenty-Nine has been giving me!
Hope you like the most recent looks and keep checking back for some thrifty styling posts coming very soon...

The Theatre Date

This dress caught my eye immediately. The print is gorgeous and it’s a great shape, smart cut and a comfortable fit for sitting down in a theatre in. I like it when statement dresses have 3/4 length sleeves like this because it means it’s still summery but the sleeves just keep away the evening chill without you having to cover the dress with a jacket.  A dress like this should not be hidden away under a jacket!
The theatre is a nice opportunity to glam up, so I’ve picked this bag as I love the sparkle and the colour is really unusual.  It goes really well with the dress. Now, I know my usual rule is to let a statement dress do the talking and not overload with necklaces, but in this instance I’m going against that. Sometimes even a bold printed dress can benefit from a necklace to lift it and this necklace is perfect for the job. The dress is gorgeous and the colours are really striking, but the necklace just adds a touch of evening glamour without overdoing it.  The colour goes perfectly with both the dress and the bag, so it still looks coordinated and finishes off the look beautifully. With all that colour it’s best to keep the shoes neutral – these are perfect because the colour is subtle but still picks out those nude tones in the dress, and the bronze detail of the heel and straps keeps them nice and dressy for a date at the theatre!

As we all know – every woman should own a little black dress.  They’re classy, sexy and the perfect base for an outfit. They’re also a fail safe if you’re unsure about what to wear because you can pretty much wear any colour or print with them! When I think of the theatre I always think of it being a classy, glamorous affair so what better than an LBD?
This is a really nice one because it’s a great length, has a lovely feminine fit and the high neck means it’s just begging for a statement necklace! Which is why I chose this gorgeous pearl, yellowy bronze one.  It’s a really lovely necklace and I love these colours on the black dress. Nude and bronze tones really complement a black dress and look clean and elegant for a sophisticated look. I have these shoes myself and I’m really pleased I bought them – they’re a nice height and the top front section actually comes across the foot in an angled straight line which is a nice touch.
With two pale elements against the black dress I didn’t want to pick a nude clutch as I think that would have been too much.  This bag is a lovely accompaniment to the look and the beading adds a pretty but subtle touch.

One For The Boys
I really like all these colours together, neutral and maroon are a great combination. I’ve gone for black chinos as they’re a nice smart alternative to jeans and i’ve chosen black as you don’t want another colour in this outfit or it would look far too much! The shoes are a great finish for this look, the colour fits in really well to keep the outfit nice and co-ordinated and they keep it looking smart while still stylish. Admittedly, they are expensive but these are timeless and can be worn with a smart suit or on a date with a slightly more smart/casual look. This is a relaxed, stylish outfit that’s perfect for a restaurant date!

This look is a slightly more summery look. I really like chino shorts and as before, they’re a nice way to smarten up the outfit for a date scenario! Blue and tan look great together and suit anyone, the colours complement eachother really well and I always think blue and tan look effortlessly stylish but still smart. Adding a shirt to the shorts ensures the look stays date worthy and doesn’t stray into beach territory however the shoes add a nice nautical touch. I really like this belt and the colour with the outfit, you could tuck the shirt in or out to show off the belt, it would work either way.

Boris Bike Date
So this week I was asked to put together a couple of looks for a Boris Bike date. I love this date idea and it’s a really fun alternative to the stereotypical dinner or drinks. It does mean a bit more consideration on your outfit choices though!
This first look is great for this type of date, as it takes into account both modesty and practicality issues. A jumpsuit is a stylish alternative to trousers or a dress and means you can still look glam while ensuring you’re not flashing anything you shouldn’t be! Wearing a skirt or dress is a definite no-no on a bike as your attention is going to be on protecting your modesty or watching the material doesn’t get caught in the chain, rather than actually enjoying the date! I’ve tried on this jumpsuit before and it’s a really comfortable jersey that would be perfect for wearing on a date like this.
The sandals are a good option for a bike ride as they are secure and comfortable so no danger of losing one on your journey! The bag is a perfect choice, it has a long strap which you can either clip on as a long shoulder strap or looped through a clip to make it a backpack! It’s a brilliant idea and so versatile. Wear it as a backpack during your ride to keep your hands free and then if you decide to take the date to a restaurant afterwards, you can wear it as a stylish shoulder bag. I have this in duck egg blue and I absolutely love it!

I like to think this look has a slightly Hepburn feel to it.  It’s stylish, comfortable and sophisticated. The trousers are comfortable yet nicer than a pair of jeans for a date, and the print is also perfect for hiding any potential mud spatters!
I really love this jumper – it has a relaxed, loose fit that’s perfect for an active date and the colour is a great way to lift the black and white of the trousers.
I chose the shoes as the colour works well with the other colours in this look; they’re comfortable and simple yet still nice enough to wear out afterwards for dinner or drinks. I wanted to add some simple jewellery to the outfit that wasn’t going to get in the way so a small gold necklace was a good option.  It’s a pretty addition to add some bling without being a hindrance while cycling!
Lastly, the bag is a gorgeous colour, especially with the mustard top and as a cross-body bag, it’s perfect to wear on a bike ride.  As with the bag in the other look, it keeps your hands free for the ride, yet still looks nice slipped on one shoulder for afterwards!

Friday, 1 August 2014

I WON!!!

Hey All!

Thought I would update you on the Virgin Holidays Cruise competition and i'm very pleased to say I won! Really pleased my outfit got the most votes as I was really happy with what I put together and I really appreciate all the votes and sharing that got me there!

The prize is £200 of shopping vouchers and I was given the choice of store so I went for Topshop of course! Really excited to go on a shopping spree and I will do a big post on my new purchases and what i'm styling them with as soon as I get the vouchers and get myself to Topshop!

Thanks again for all the votes!


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

More first date fashion...

Hi Guys!

Sorry this has taken me a little while to put up, had a busy month of birthdays and weddings! As you know, myself and Charly from have a little first date series going on where she gives me a date scenario and I come up with a couple of outfit ideas for it! Loving it so far and the second installment is the summer sporting event. I know so many people who love a day at the races or down at Wimbledon so I hope you all like this one and love to know what you think!

This is a light, pretty look for spending all day in. You’re probably going to be eating and drinking, and from my experience of a day at the races, bodycon is not the road to go down!
Do yourself a favour and keep it comfortable. This dress is a great example of how you can make a loose, relaxed fitting dress look glamorous. It’s a nice respectable length for a day at the races, polo or a regatta and a pretty print in fresh summer colours.
The shoes are a great summer investment, you will get so much wear out of a pair like this and the wedge is perfect for grass based activities… no danger of heels sinking into the ground!
The handbag is a great colour, I love cornflower blue in the summer and it picks out the blue tones in the dress. With a vibrant dress like this you don’t want jewellery that is going to compete with it or the look ends up slightly crazy, this gold necklace is really simple but just adds a little extra touch of glamour to the outfit.
The dress is the star of the outfit here so everything else is there to complement it rather that outshine it. Lastly, because we all know the way the British summertime likes to surprise us, a lightweight blazer is there to stave off the evening chill. Keep the colour light, anything dark will look too heavy and out of place with the soft palette of this outfit.

For those of you who aren’t dress people, a jumpsuit is a fantastic alternative to a dress and great for anyone prone to the odd wobble in heels!
This is a really lovely floral print and it’s got a bit of a vintage-esque feel to it. Again, great summery colours and I’ve continued the white theme with the heels and fascinator. I really like this fascinator, it’s really soft and simple and while it’s a focal point, it doesn’t distract from the jumpsuit.
With so many components in this outfit, I always find it wise to stick to a colour scheme to keep the outfit looking co-ordinated. Having said that, it is nice to inject a pop of colour in some way, especially with this outfit, to break up the blue and white. I therefore went for a pale orange clutch. It goes really well with light blue and it’s a striking colour but in a muted tone in keeping with the rest of the outfit. I can personally recommend these shoes as I have them myself, they’re nice and comfortable, not too high and are a great addition to a summer wardrobe!
Lastly, I recommend a slick of tomato red lipstick for a striking makeup look to complete this outfit perfectly.

Sian xx

Thursday, 10 July 2014

First Date Series

Hi Guys!

Very excited to say I am collaborating with Miss29 herself, the lovely Charly from 30datesblog! I will be styling a series of outfit ideas for different first date scenarios! Really excited about this little series and I hope you enjoy what we have come up with!

To kick start, Charly decided to embrace the sunshine with a picnic date. I came up with 2 looks for this, one very girly and another more laid back. I hope you like them and keep checking back for more first date fun!


This is a really pretty summery look for a picnic.
I’ve gone for a floaty midi skirt because it’s both beautiful and feminine, and also because it’s also practical when you’re potentially sitting on a picnic blanket in the grass! No-one wants to be fiddling with a mini skirt or too-short shorts trying to protect your modesty on a first date!
The actual outfit is really easy and comfortable, perfect for a day of picnicing but the pretty prints give it a nice summery touch. Don’t be afraid to mix prints – done well, clashing prints look really eye-catching.In this instance I’ve kept it quite muted, the skirt is the main focus and the shirt picks out the blue in the skirt to complement it.
With all these prints the accessories need to be quite neutral so I’ve stuck to soft colours and walking-through-field friendly shoes! This type of look will suit most body shapes but is really easy to adapt. Girls blessed with a bigger bust can easily swap the printed top for a plain colour if you feel the print is drawing more attention than you’re comfortable with. The skirt gives you loads of colour options, you can go for simple cream/black or pick out any of the colours in the skirt, pink, green, yellow or blue.

This second look is for those of you who aren’t into floaty florals or prefer something a little more laid back.
 I really like the easy, stylish feel to this outfit.  It’s got a bit of a riviera vibe going on, perfect for a picnic by the river! These shorts are again practical for a picnic date as they’re a nice length and comfortable to sit in while still avoiding inappropriate flashing! I really love a stripe and neutrals combination, it’s a classic that works time and time again and is a great fail-safe option for a first date.
As before, this look will suit most body shapes and contrary to popular belief, horizontal stripes will not make you look bigger! However, if you’re not used to wearing stripes you can always try smaller stripes in softer colours for something a bit more subtle. Additionally, if you prefer a little less leg on show this would look great with a peach high waisted midi skirt or some on-trend culottes, just make sure you go for a soft fabric and light colour to keep the look feminine.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Cruise Fashion Competition - Virgin Holidays

Hi Guys!

So I was recently asked to take part in a styling competition with Virgin Holidays. The brief was to create a day to night look for a cruise holiday. This was so much fun as I've never been on a cruise before but always have these visions of gorgeous ships and stylish people shmoozing around on deck looking fabulous!

I wanted to tell you a bit about how I came to decide on the looks as I love the whole day to night thing. Being able to transform an outfit to create two different looks is great and a fantastic way to save money by really making the most of what you have in your wardrobe!

So my instinct when I heard cruise was nautical stripes but I decided that probably everyone was going to go down this route as it's so cliche for sea and beach looks, so I chose to go more on my instinctive reactions of luxury and sophistication. I decided to keep it on topic by choosing a gorgeous blue mix dress from Topshop. I trawled everywhere and had a massive selection of outfits but this one stood out to me straight away, it's elegant and versatile and I can see this on people of all different ages on a cruise ship. The important thing when choosing a piece that you want to take you from day to night is to pick a blank canvas, something that you can build on and accessorise. If you go too casual it won't work but at the same time you wouldn't wander about in a ballgown during the day!
I immediately saw the day look in this dress, the relaxed, easy shape can be thrown over a bikini, keep you cool and airy while still looking stylish enough to go to lunch in. I completed the look with a ribbon detail floppy straw hat, some gorgeous and bang on trend sliders and a straw beach bag. I went for a gold beach bag as a nice way of picking out the gold straps of the dress. Throw in some sunglasses and you're good to go!
The evening look I love because the dress is so easy to transform into a gorgeous dinner or cocktail outfit. Again, the relaxed shape means you can dance the night away while looking elegant and comfortable. The shoes are amazing, I wanted to pick out the gold feature again but didn't want to make the outfit look over the top so they strike a nice balance between that. As a side note, with a dress like this you really need strappy heels, closed shoes don't work as this dress is so summery. Due to the print and gold straps you need to be careful with jewellery and you can easily go way over the top! I decided a nice gold cuff bracelet would add to the grecian feel of the dress and the hair chain is a great way to jewel up if a necklace is not an option. Lastly, I decided on a pop of colour with the orange clutch. With all the gold and blue I wanted to break it up and add another focal point, orange looks fantastic with gold and also works really nicely with blue for a summery, tropical feel.
I hope you all like these looks as much as I do and I would love it if you could vote for me! It's really easy to do and you can vote through Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. Just follow the link below :-) xx

Dress - Topshop £60

Day Look
Straw Hat - Oasis £20
STraw Bag - New Look £12.99
Bikini - Topshop £30
Sliders - River Island £28
Sunglasses - Mango at ASOS £17.99

Night Look
Hair Chain - ASOS £20
Bag - Aldo at ASOS £35
Gold Cuff - ASOS £10
Heels - Steve Madden at ASOS £75

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Festival Festivities

Hi Guys!

Soo I am off to Wireless Festival this weekend, praying to the weather gods for some sun! I find festivals a tricky one actually because you want to look like you just stepped out of a Vogue Coachella edit but, given our unpredictable weather, nothing that you would be upset to get potentially ruined! I'm far too precious with my clothes to ever be ok with anything getting ruined but I would be lying if I said I hadn't been agonising over my wardrobe choices for a few weeks... who doesn't want to look like Vanessa Hudgens gliding around like a vision in aztec and chiffon?!
So, rather than create some looks from what I find online I am posting my actual outfit ideas from my own wardrobe. Figured it would be a bit more real plus my festival collection is hardly extensive so this will definitely be a challenge! Might highlight a few last minute purchases I might need to get too!

There are a fair few ideas as I will be going for all 3 days so need lots of ideas to play with plus some items will be ruled out if there is even a hint of mud!!
I've noted anything new that should still be in the shops now and offered a few alternatives too :-)
Enjoy! x

I'm in love with my new Nike Roshe Run trainers. Still debating whether white was the best idea but I love them anyway! They're great for being in all day as they're so comfortable but they are weather dependent. Will be sussing out the dirt situation on the Friday before deciding whether or not to wear these babies! I got these from Office but you can get them all over the place. As for the rest of the outfit, everything is old but here are links to a few alternatives...

Bralet - Topshop £18 in the sale at the moment!
Shorts - Beyond Retro £22
Necklace - ASOS £8 - Thought this would look cute for a festival

I got this dress from Primark last week. Can't actually remember how much it was though! £12 is ringing a bell but don't hold me to that! Again, outfit idea with my trainers so I decided to keep it quite clean with white accessories and a gold necklace to break it up a bit. It's got a bit of a Wimbledon vibe actually which I like. The socks I bought for a shoot ages ago and haven't actually worn them although I love them so it's about time I did! Dress and trainers are both available in stores now still and a couple of links for the belt, socks and necklace alternatives below...

Necklace - ASOS £14 - With a high necked dress like this I always find it best to wear a short necklace. Long necklaces just look a bit weird as there's just too much space between the necklace and the neckline.
Belt - Topshop £16 - This is really cute and a bit more interesting than a plain white belt. Festivals are also a great excuse to mix prints.
Socks Topshop £3.50 - These look like the same ones as mine actually as I got mine from Topshop. They've got loads of really lovely ankle socks, including these pom pom ones which would be fab for a festival!

Very similar to above but with my maroon belt and boots and an oversized cream denim jacket, and the socks peeking out again! I got the jacket on ASOS Marketplace ages ago, its be Cheap Monday but found a great alternative below...

Jacket Oh My Love £45 - I know, I know, it's not a denim jacket but I love this! Love the idea of clashing the leopard print with the dress. The fact that its cream leopard print is the reason this works
Boots ASOS £100 - Can't go wrong with a classic pair of red Dr M's!
Belt ASOS £4 - Something a bit old and beaten looking will work well with Dr Martens

I love this skirt. It's from Primark, I'm pretty sure it's out of stores now but you might get lucky. It has actually got a matching cropped t-shirt and the two look great together. I went for a slightly gypsy look with this one, gold hoops and these shoes which I really don't wear enough. It's a really comfortable outfit to be in all day and nice and light on a hot day. Couple of alternative links below...

Skirt ASOS £45 - This has to be the perfect festival skirt, I LOVE it!!! Even more than mine actually so I'm now really going to have to resist buying this! ASOS have some gorgeous midi skirts so here are a few more links for you to browse, Exotic print, ladylike floral and button down floral < Love this one too

Shoes River Island £22 - Really like these, been after a pair like this so will be paying a trip to River Island!

These have been my favourite trousers for ages, they're so comfortable and you can dress these up or down; i've worn them with heels on a night out and flip flops for a shopping day so they're really versatile. I would maybe turn the ankles up a few times for a festival? These are from Zara a while back and the shoes are also quite old from River Island but I have found a couple of alternatives below...

Trousers Zara £25.99 - Really like these and they are a great vibrant print for a summer festival. There is also no reason why a pair of culottes couldn't work with a look like this.
Shoes ASOS £20 - Everyone loves a tassel here and there at a festival and these tasselled loafers would be great all summer.

This is a slightly more beachy vibe. The whole outfit besides the sandals is old, the sandals are from New Look recently but I actually can't find them online which is weird. I love them and I've had so many compliments on them however the straps are getting weak already from buckling them which isn't great as I have only had them a couple of weeks! I've stuck a bikini top under the vest as it's see-through but you could put anything underneath. I like the idea of putting a printed top underneath to give a bit of interest. Few ideas below...

Top New Look £11 - This is a really pretty, light, loose top. Great for dancing in on a hot day!
Couple of top ideas for underneath
Bikini top ASOS £33 - I like the longer style for putting underneath tops, that extra bit of length makes a huge difference.
Bikini Top ASOS £18 - Really like this one, very boho festival and would look great on its own with a pair of high waisted shorts too!
Top Missguided £9.99 - Missguided have so many bralets, crop tops and bodies to put underneath things and they're so cheap! I recommend a good browse on the website for holiday and summer essentials

This kimono is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe yet I haven't worn it yet?! It's a great festival piece though and I think this outfit is a definite for Wireless. The outfit underneath is quite basic but the high waisted denim shorts and plain white cropped vest is such a classic look on it's own. The kimono is a great way to add some print and texture if you want to spice it up a bit though! The sunglasses are actually Topman but I love them and they're a bit broken so on the hunt for more. This whole outfit is old although I do keep seeing this kimono about occasionally but I've put some alternative links below...

Kimono Miss Selfridge £45 - This one is quite similar to mine and I like the intricate detailing
I have to say though, ASOS have some amazing kimonos that I prefer, have a little browse on the website but here are a couple of my favourites. Simple floral, tie dye, floral fringing, pink floral
Sunglasses River Island £10 - I really like the mirrored lenses on these and they're a great price!

This is another alternative to the above with a shorter and slightly more simple cape. This is a bit lighter for a summer day if it's hot. I really love the soft floral print. The cape is really old but as I said above ASOS have a fantastic selection of so many different types of kimonos and capes so have a look on the website!

Same as above but with the boots. Links for alternatives are all above so I won't bore you with more!

I thought I'd add in a few hat ideas as this is the only thing I never have! I always get irritated by them or just feel like they're going to fall off but I do love hats for a festival look so here are a few ideas below

Top Left to bottom right

White panama hat - ASOS £16
Camel fedora - ASOS £20
Pink bowler - ASOS £15
Elephant trim fedora - ASOS £25
Stripe boater - Topshop £22
Floral baseball cap - Missguided £9.99
Purple bowler - Missguided £12.99
Blue fedora - Miss Selfridge £10
Ear hat - Boohoo £12

I'll do a full wireless post after the weekend including my final outfit choices. Hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to comment below!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Holiday checklist

It's June, and i'm sitting at the window watching the rain and wishing I was on a beach somewhere hot sipping a mojito! So I decided to cheer myself up with a holiday post and hopefully cheer up anyone else enjoying this miserable weather!
I've put together a checklist of holiday essentials you can't go without, hope this gets everyone in the mood for summer!

Beach Bag - £34.60 Nasty Gal
Lilac Jelly Sandals - £15 ASOS
New Yorker Towel - £20.88 Nasty Gal
Kimono - £19.99 New Look
Bikini - £36 Topshop
Straw Hat - £15 ASOS
Palm Print Shift Dress - £35 Topshop
Maxi Dress - £45.99 Zara
Orange Shorts - £35 Topshop
Sandals - £32.50 ASOS
Trousers - £25.99 Zara
Jumpsuit - £50 Topshop
Batiste - £4.99 ASOS
Crop Top - £28 Topshop

And because I'm an idiot and missed them off...

Sunglasses - £13 River Island

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Topshop Wishlist

So the blog is going through a bit of a revamp at the moment and I will be dedicating more time to posting from now on but just wanted to kick off with a little wishlist from Topshop. There is some gorgeous stuff on the site at the moment and i'm definitely feeling the pastels and prints right now! Just a little selection of items i'm loving, more wishlists to follow soon!!

Clockwise from top left

Cropped top - £40
Floral courts - £58
Gold and glitter bangles - £8.50
Satin playsuit - £55
Gold necklace - £16.50
Green chunky sandals - £40
Tile print dress - £38
Pink square stone ring - £5
Tile print pencil skirt - £36

Sunday, 16 February 2014

LFW Highlights so far

Hi Guys!

So I've been on the London Fashion Week website today catching up on the past 3 days of shows and thought I would share with you some of my highlights so far. As per usual I'm immediately drawn to the pretty, embellished, feminine pieces so this is very much a reflection on my taste but I loved these collections so thought others might do too! I'll do another post again after LFW finishes on Tuesday and do a roundup but here are my favourites so far...

Julien Macdonald (of course)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection! Give me some embellishment, feminine shapes and sparkle and I'm happy! I love Julien's glamorous red carpet style and he hasn't disappointed this season. I like to see a collection where I can start to envisage styling people in it and this collection does just that, they are wearable pieces that ooze sexy femininity and I can't wait to see who rocks these on the red carpet.
I've captioned some of the images with who I could see looking amazing in them, love to know what you guys think!

Just to warn you, Lily Collins will probably appear a lot in this post as I don't think there's much she couldn't wear but I can really see her in this. It's pretty, feminine, soft hued and a classy length - all of which she tends to go for. Her soft features are better suited to subtle femininity and if she does go bolder, the fabric still tends to be lace or something similar. This is a pretty and youthful dress that I think with her current wavy bobbed hair would look great.

Gisele Bundchen's strong bone structure and olive complexion would work brilliantly with this dress to give a bit of a 'sexy gladiator' look. The fitted, angular shape to this dress would look amazing on someone tall and athletic such as Gisele while the length keeps it sexy rather than slutty.

I can 100% see Rooney Mara in this dress. She's gorgeous but in an unusual way and isn't too girly which is a little bit like this dress. She does subtle goth very well and the spider web look to this dress would complement her style brilliantly. Slicked back hair and dark lips would finish off the look perfectly.

Jasper Conran

Beautiful collection from Jasper Conrsn! Really love the simplicity and femininity of this, the models all look so pretty and girly striding down the catwalk in this collection and as before, I really like how wearable this all is, definitely on my wish list! I particularly like the slightly glittery nude pieces, great for a bit of glitz while keeping it subtle!

With her enviable figure and long dark hair, Kendall Jenner would look gorgeous in this dress. I really do love the contrast of long straight dark hair with nude colour dresses and bold red lips, it's such a striking look and shows how a simple dress can turn heads just as much as a bold, embellished number.

I would really like to see Olivia Palermo in this outfit. She's got great skintone to pull this colour off and her honey coloured hair would look great against the warm orange. She's also feminine enough to work the boxy shape of the jacket and I can see this looking really cute and girly on her. I think if I were to add any jewellery to this it would be a really chunky short gold chain but this outfit does speak for itself.

I really admire Suki Waterhouse's fashion choices and she's definitely a bit of a girl crush of mine at the moment! She's got a great face and she would pull off this slightly 60's looking outfit perfectly. She's got a slightly boyish figure that would look great in this top and the overall structured feel to this look. A blue jewelled statement necklace would finish this look off to give it more of a red carpet feel.

Temperley London

I'm a huge Alice Temperley fan and this collection is another winner for me. You can really tell this is a Temperley collection and it's nice to see her signature long flowing dresses but I also really liked the graphic folky prints she used and I can see this being a really popular A/W trend that will diffuse down into the high street. 

One name. Jourdan Dunn. I don't think I need to explain why! 
Someone who works structured strapless really well is Carey Mulligan. For someone like Carey who is quite straight up and down, structure works on her and an all over print looks great as she has fantastic ivory skin and short hair that she generally keeps swept back so as not to distract from what she is wearing. Being tall and slim, this length is really flattering and classy on her and is definitely a length she seems to favour.

This fun and flirty dress would suit the style and personality of Zooey Deschanel perfectly. Her quirky, ladylike look would work with the ladylike vibe to this dress. The straight neckline, lace panels and a-line skirt is a grown up kind of pretty and something that Zooey regularly wears on the red carpet. She has definitely found her niche and this dress fits in with that to a T.

Holly Fulton

Again with this folky/aztec/graphic print! Really love this print and the colours she has used in this collection. A really ladylike feel without being too overtly girly. I thoroughly enjoyed looking through this catwalk and if I had the money I would definitely be investing in some pieces! I have to say I hadn't previously heard much about Holly Fulton but after seeing this I will definitely be taking an interest in her work.

I said Lily Collins would feature again and here she is! Again, another softly hued, pretty number and these just seem to work so well on her. The sheer panels add a little something but the dress still stays demure and that is a look Lily seems to have nailed. A splash of tomato red lipstick and softly pulled back hair would finish this off beautifully! 

I LOVE this whole outfit!! I really like the fact that she has used grey and black as opposed to black and white and I can really see Diane Kruger looking incredible in this! She always looks amazing in trousers and flats and her striking look would still hold it's own against this bold outfit. Diane's dainty look would suit the floral prints and although she is petite, a cocoon coat is a great way to do oversized without looking drowned.

Emilia Wickstead

I love this shapes in this collection and the mish mash of prints and textures. She seems to favour the a-line throughout and it's nice to see womenswear taking inspiration from fashion history in such a traditional yet totally modern way. Again, I love the wearability of the collection and I hope to see some pieces from this popping up at events very soon!

We all know that Kristen Stewart has never been the girliest girl, she does tend to favour jumpsuits and this number would look great on her. The dark, reddish undertones in her hair would look really striking against the stark white of the jumpsuit and a deep red lip would give this a Hollywood  finish. The clinical, sharp tailoring is something that Kristen pulls off really well and it would flatter her leggy figure.

I would really like to see Eva Mendes in this look. She's got a warm skin tone that really pulls off strong, bold colours and I think on her this would look really tropical and exciting. She a real style chameleon and experiments with her look constantly but this has a combination of things we have seen her in before; voluminous ballroom style skirts, bold colours, structured tops and nipped in waists. Some big gold jewel earrings would complete this look.