Thursday, 30 June 2011

Louboutin presents the 8-inch heels.....

WOW. I want a pair of these to frame on my bedroom wall!

Louboutin has created a pair of 8-inch, Swarovski enscrusted heels based on the ballet shoe that will be auctioned off to raise money for the English National Ballet. I think this is a great cause, Ballet was a huge part of my life growing up and I will always love it and it's great to see designers turning out to help keep Ballet alive. It's such a wonderful skill to learn and it's something every little girl needs to try at least once! I think it's great he's kept to the theme and taken his inspiration from the ballet shoe and love how they used dancers as models, so much more graceful!
There are other unique items that have also been donated  by designers including Erdem, Giles Deacon, Moschino, Roksanda Ilincic and Julien Macdonald so take a look!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button turn their hand to...styling?!?

Bet you never thought you'd see a statement like that in your lifetime! It is, however, not a joke. The two racing drivers did indeed get together to style, direct and photograph an eccentric summer shoot! And I have to say, they're not half bad!
Guided by Parisian stylist and model, Valentine Fillol-Cordier and with models Charlotte W and Eve Delf who have collaborated with the likes of Burberry and Prada, as well as renowned photographer Mario Testino, the boys pulled of an impressive shoot with props ranging from bird cages and picnic tables to a life size model horse.
The shoot was part of the Vodafone VIP's online film series, the title sponsors of McLaren, previous films have seen drivers pitching tents at festivals and assembling their own F1 cars. I think this is great though and looks like good fun. Maybe I should stop trying to get work with fashion magazines and try collaboration with F1 drivers instead!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Last festival look from Miss Selfridge

So I was a little lazy this weekend and didn't post any looks, sorry about that but I figured you were all out enjoying the sun anyway and now you're back at work here's a new look to brighten your day!

Friday, 24 June 2011

I'm selling my stuff!!!!

So I am supposed to be selling my pieces on a new online fashion store that was due to launch in April, as yet it has still not launched and as two of my three pieces are summer wear i'm taking matters into my own hands and selling them myself before summer is over!
If you are interested send me an email : and I will give you more info :-)

Thought you would like to know...

I loved the Miss Selfridge boater hat SO much I have just purchased it...reduced to £7 in the sale yessss!!
I am not the most 'hat' person, really don't suit many styles except the floppy 70's style which I don't really think is festival attire so fingers crossed Miss Selfridge comes through for me!
I shall let you know whether I look ridiculous or not! And no, I will not be putting pictures up if I do look ridiculous, only good ones :-)

next look from Miss Selfridge

Barbie festival vest. How could I not?

Thursday, 23 June 2011


So...It has been revealved. I have only watched it once as i'm at work and I think may need to watch it again to completely understand it.
Pottermore is, and I know this, an online experience which I gather centres around the original stories this time with the opportunity for fans to participate alongside J K Rowling. I'm kind of confused still and not really sure what I think of it! It seems like an opportunity for all the really annoying, overly keen superfans to get as involved as humanely possible, maybe good, maybe not. Think it could be annoying but then you have to give her credit i'm sure they have thought of all this already so I guess there's nothing to do but wait and see!!
And watch it again and try and decipher some information.

Not long till J K Rowlings announcement!!

At midday today J K Rowling will make her much anticipated announcement, go to to keep up with the action. I will, of course, post on here the minute I know!!

And of course, keep checking

Look 3 from Miss Selfridge

Espadrilles are perfect summer footwear if you want to keep your feet a bit more protected while still looking summery

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Saturday, 18 June 2011

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can it be so???? According to newspaper reports, and this website, we can expect in 5 days time to find out what this is all about. But I think it's safe to say J K Rowling and the wizarding world are still very much together and I for one am very intrigued as to what she's planning to give us next.
The Harry Potter franchise, which is generating 2.5 billion, has been one of the biggest successes of our generation and it is no mean feat that she is planning to continue this. There has been a lot of speculation about what we can expect and all I can say is she better not disappoint.
I am a huge fan of the books and the films, although the books are miles better, and my biggest worry about this is that it won't be able to compete with what she's already given us. There are so many die-hard fans of the series that she really does have a lot to live up to. According to Daniel Radcliffe, Rowling sent him a message promising him no more and that she had put the character to bed. So we can assume any new venture does not involve Harry and how can she truly keep the Harry Potter magic alive without him?
There has been much speculation over what she is doing next, many fans are eager for her to bring out an encyclopaedia, others want the Hogwarts story to continue, some want more along the lines of her spin offs such as The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I really don't know what I want it to be, honestly I could carry on where the books have left off and be very happy. I'm not one for change when it comes to things like this because I get so into it, especially after so many books, you start to feel involved with the characters and many people don't want to let that go.
Having said all that, Rowling is a genuis and having created the magical world of Harry Potter that so many of us love, she's more than capable of doing it all over again if she wanted! I really hope this lives up to expectations or this could be a disastrous way to end something so iconic.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Last Topshop festival look, new store style tomorrow!!!

I really love this rucksack - never thought I would find myself saying that!! Perfect to keep your hands free for food/alcohol/whatever strange object you have found and become attached to (when drunk)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Look away now Cheryl

Crikey, as if it's not bad enough that Cheryl got booted off American X Factor and replaced with Nicole Scherzinger (someone say publicity stunt?) then Scherzinger rocks up in this little number...look familiar?? Yes, that's because Cheryl tried and failed this colour combo not so long ago when she was still a judge. Eek. I have to say I didn't think Cheryl looked quite as horrendous as everyone was making out she did. I liked the block colouring and yes the top was a bit frilly but that was only highlighted by that AWFUL hairdo!!! If she had just tied it up in that pretty ponytail she worked with the shift dress it would have improved the look by miles. But she didn't. And that's why it looked so bad. And then Nicole turns up in this; same colours, slightly less garish, and natural hair and she looks incredible.
Don't take it Cheryl!! If I was your stylist that would never have happened...just saying.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Monday, 13 June 2011

Festival Fancy

So festival season is finally upon us and it seems only right that I should do something fitting on here to mark the start of the summer festivals.
I decided, while trawling websites to look for outfits for my impending trip to Benicassim festival in Spain, that maybe I should do a piece on festival looks. It's so hard knowing what to wear, torn between embracing the festival spirit in crochets, bold prints and pretty florals, while remembering that everything you take could very well get ruined. I've decided cheap customising is the way to go and I will do a piece on this next but for now, I have styled some of my favourite looks from various high street shops.

I will post one a day until I run out of steam so enjoy! Comments welcome!!!

*All stock and prices were correct at the time I viewed the site, so I take no responsibility if anything changes price or becomes unavailable!*

TOPSHOP – Look 1

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Link to a couple of behind the scenes images from a 'Hello Sailor!' shoot I worked on...

Lily Allen and Sarah Owen launch debut collection 'Treasure Chest'

Carrying on the theme of their vintage shop Lucy in Disguise, Lily Allen and her sister Sarah Owen have launched their debut collection ‘Treasure Chest’. Inspired by the fashion decades the collection features flapper dresses, 70‘s jumpsuits and 30’s tea dresses.
The collection is pretty and exactly what you would expect from Lily and her sister, there are some beautiful colours throughout and the pieces are feminine and flattering.
I like the variation in this collection, there’s something for everyone and a nice mix of colours; I like the way they have gone from a vibrant red jumpsuit through to a pastel green maxi dress. All the pieces are very on trend while still capturing the original era well. There are some pieces I love and some pieces I am less keen on but I think that just highlights the distinctions within the collection, overall I think it’s great and I think it will be very well received when it goes on sale.

Radio City Floor Length Dress
Lily Allen clothing line (PR)love the oriental feel to this piece, the flowers really stand out against the black and it hangs beautifully. the flower in the hair is a great way to accessories and follows on well from the detailing on the dress. any more jewellery would look too much and distract from the detail of the dress.

Embellished speakeasy dress
Lily Allen clothing line (PR)Love this, i really do the colour is really fresh and i really like how they've kept it simple so as not to distract from the embelishing. very pretty. jewellery wise, i think the style of earring in this shot works really well with the dress and this would be how i would accessorise it as well. i don't think it needs the bangle.

Jitterbug ruffle dress
Lily Allen clothing line (PR)not so keen on this, its a little boring for me and the ruffles are a little stiff and long, i think it could have done with being a couple of inches shorter as i don't think the length will suit anyone under 5 9". i think you could really go to town with jewellery on this one as it's one block colour with little detailing. I would probably go for a big statement necklace in a strong colour to break up the black.

chatsworth maxi dress
Lily Allen clothing line (PR)love this, again with that fresh green colour it really works well, especially against the models skin tone. the fabric is light and floaty and very feminine and i like the detailing round the neck. i also think it works really well with the short sleeves, something a bit different from the usual strappy maxi. due to the embellishing i wouldn't put any jewellery with this or if i really wanted to wear some, a really delicate bracelet or pair of simple studs.

Lily Allen clothing line (PR)i want this, its gorgeous. i love the cut i love the shape and the colour and i particularly like that neckline. .its got such a cute sailor feel to it, sexy and playful. this is my favourite of the collection. some tiny hoops would be all this needs.

nairobi leopard print dress
Lily Allen clothing line (PR)i like this but it doesn't have the same vintage feel to it that the rest of the collection has i think it sticks out a little. however its a flattering shape and i think it will sell well as everyone loves a bit of leopard print! some luxe gold jewellery would finish this dress off nicely and give it that expensive feel that leopard print always lends itself to.

gold rush printed dress
Lily Allen clothing line (PR)i don't personally like this but i do think it has a great sense of fun and i think it will look great on someone quirky with a pair of scuffed boots and leather jacket. it's definitely different and i think a lot of people will like this. i l.ike how they have accessorised with sunglasses on this, i wouldn't put jewellery with this as the print is so graphic but the sunnies work really well and keep it playful.

promenade floral dress
Lily Allen clothing line (PR)cute with those shoes, it's flirty and playful and great for summer. i like the colours together too i think they work really well. some cute layered necklaces or lots of bangles would suit this style well.

floral fortnums tea dress
Lily Allen clothing line (PR)not to my taste but it's a nice dress. will be good for work while still encapsulating the floral summery feel that everyones leaning towards now the weather seems to be on its way up! accessories wise i would put either stud earrings or a short thin necklace. i don't think it would need much else.

altamont patterned maxidress
Lily Allen clothing line (PR)i like this, it's very striking with the bright flowers on the sheer black. i like the neckline and the waistline is really flattering. would be great for a summer evening with the light long sleeves. i would put a long pendant with this, to follow down that low neckline.

zanzibar 70s-inspired jumpsuit
Lily Allen clothing line (PR)im not sure how i feel about this. i like the detailing around the bust and i like the halter neck but i think the rest makes even the model look short?  the pose isn't helping either. i don't think the shape is very flattering as it makes her look like she has no shape. i would probably lay off jewellery on this, a necklace wouldn't work and earring would probably look too much. maybe a bangle but it doesn't necessarily need it.

capone embellished flapper dress
Lily Allen clothing line (PR)i like this but when i think of flapper dress i think straight cut with fringing and tassles! the cut of this is great and the embellishing is really pretty and i do really like this dress but i don't really see flapper when i look at it, more just minidress. i wouldn't accessorise this much as it has all the embellishing that you don't want to distract attention from. maybe some stud earrings

claret maxidress
Lily Allen clothing line (PR)love love love this. another one of my favourites the colours are absolutely beautiful. the shape is perfect, the detailing on the back is really flattering and i love all the frills. its the perfect dress for making you feel pretty and girly. i would wear it with just earrings as in the shot. it doesn't need much as there is already so much detail.

haight ashbury smocked minidress
Lily Allen clothing line (PR)this looks a little like a nightdress im not too sure. its pretty and i really like the colour but it looks like theres a lot of fabric and i don't know how flattering it would be on a lot of people. if i was to wear this i would either keep the jewellery simple with some long thin chains or really overload it with chunky necklaces and bangles.

south kensington blue maxidress
Lily Allen clothing line (PR)this sort of looks quite nightdressy too actually! the colour is great, really striking. again, its not really to my taste but it really suits the model and it's very eyecatching. i would wear this with a long pendant like the model is holding in this shot.

polka dot regatta dress
Lily Allen clothing line (PR)this is beautiful, very flattering, again great colour too. this will suit a wide age range as well, mothers and daughters can borrow this off eachother and neither will look too old or too young for their age. would look lovely at a garden party in the country!

roxy jumpsuit
Lily Allen clothing line (PR)really like this. simple and it lets the colour take most of the attention as it should. i would wear this with some large gold earrings or bangles and let the jumpsuit talk for itself. it's a flattering shape and ticks all the boxes in terms of trends. would love to see this in a deep plum too.

honky tonk full-skirted 50s-style dress
Lily Allen clothing line (PR)i'm not crazy about this print but the shape is great and the cut is simple and flatters most shapes. would look nice with some ethnic inspired jewellery to bring out that print.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Sian Miller at The Runway Closet

I will soon be selling some stuff on a new online fashion store called The Runway Closet. It's not launched yet but will be soon so make sure you check it out. I'm currently killing my poor sewing machine trying to finish everything, really really need to get a seamstress to help me out, if anyone knows any pass on their details!! Well here are the pieces I will be selling anyway, if you like them, get on the site and buy them!!


The Weeknd

So I thought I would share with you my new favourite in the music world, well, one of them anyway.
The Weeknd (no, I haven't spelt that wrong) is the recording name for Abel Tesfaye and his music is really something different. It's all echoey and sexy and louche. I love it. The album 'House of Balloons' is great the whole way through and it's got a real nocturnal vibe to it which has drawn a lot of references to sex all over youtube and I do kind of get what they are saying. Anyway, I'm going to post my favourite song on here, if you like it, listen to the album.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bikini heaven and hell

If I look like this when i'm a grandma I will be one very happy lady...

However......if I look like this please someone throw me a burkhini sharpish...


So with summer nearly here there becomes the inevitable bikini talk, what style suits what body shape, what colour shows off your tan, what offers the best support and so on. I'm all for bikini talk but the one thing I don't agree with is this age limit on when you should no longer wear bikinis, I think it's safe to say Helen Mirren blew that one right out the water and why does it even matter??
With all the issues of ageism circling around why are we now making women past a certain age feel like they shouldn't be allowed to wear whatever they want? If you've got it, flaunt it, and if you've still got it in your 60's, even more reason to flaunt it!! Why should anyone have to cover up if they don't want to because society deems them too old, it's rubbish. I understand there are exceptions and there will come a time in every womans life that she feels the need to cover up a bit more but that's her decision, not everyone elses.
So until that day inevitably comes, women, be proud of your bodies!!!