Monday, 20 April 2015

French Fancy

Hi Guys!

I would firstly like to apologise for the terrible lack of posting this year, I've been so busy I've not had much time to blog so I am very sorry but I hope this little post makes up for it!!

So for the last few weeks I have been on a working holiday in the South of France, working at the absolutely beautiful boutique B&B, Le Tresor. I will actually do a post on Le Tresor when I get home as it's such a stunning place and will make a nice change from all the outfit posts I do!

On Saturday I spent the day browsing round Toulouse, it's full of amazing boutiques and shops and while walking around I couldn't help but notice all the insanely stylish women everywhere. The French are notorious for their sense of style and spending the day people watching the fashionable women of Toulouse inspired me to do a French styling blog post! This is completely my own interpretation of what French style means to me and I've done a selection of 7 different looks from day wear to evening. I intended on browsing the high street to make up these looks but one glance on Zara provided me with so many ideas that I decided to exclusively use Zara products for this post. Zara is my absolute favourite high street store and they have so many classic, timeless items that it's perfect to do this type of post on.

I hope you enjoy my French inspired selection!

Cigarette trousers are the classic French wardrobe staple. Smarter than jeans, they can take an outfit effortlessly from day to evening just with the addition of a pair of heels. This look would work just as well with a pair of light coloured brogues for a day outfit. I love the look of a 3/4 sleeve, perfect for Spring and they always look so classy and elegant. The soft blue and peach look really gorgeous and Spring-y together so I decided to keep the rest of the colour palette nice and neutral just with the addition of the necklace to add a pop of colour. In true French style, the handbag had to be tweed to complete the look in a Chanel-esque fashion!

This is a more relaxed, day time look. Stripes are always associated with typical French fashion, usually a breton striped top and cigarette trousers, so I decided to take a different approach with this skirt. It's a really relaxed fit, flattering length and works brilliantly with the brown accessories. The brown of the bag and shoes add a nice contrast to the monochrome of the outfit and are great wardrobe staples for Spring/Summer. One thing I always notice about French style is that it always seems to favour a looser silhouette rather than fitted items so this top is a great choice to throw on with this skirt for a classic yet comfortable look. Lastly, the hat adds a bit of a St Tropez vibe to this look, perfect for a lunch date!

I love this look. This top is so elegant and classic, and paired with the white trousers and shoes it screams nautical glamour, this is definitely a yatch-ready look! An outfit like this speaks for itself and with this look, less is definitely more to ensure you stand out. The stitching detail on the bag just adds a little interest and the earrings are simple and pretty, ensuring that the focus is on the clothing. If you wanted to add another element, a plain white, wide brimmed hat would be a gorgeous addition and perfect for the Summer.

Another day time look now. I love how carefree and boho this outfit is, the perfect look for a day of sightseeing. This look takes a bit of inspiration from the more rustic French style, earthy tones, peasant blouses and paisley prints. These laced up sandals are gorgeous but they do need to be styled well to showcase them at their best and this girly a-line dungaree dress is just the right length and shape to match with the sandals. Another thing I noticed about the French style is that accessories are often minimal but well considered, this headscarf is a nice way to add some pattern to this look.

This is a real Parisian, fashion week look. Muted palette with darker accessories offer a striking contrast and always look so stylish and clean. I really love this top and all the layers add texture which is why I paired it with a simple, straight leather skirt. These pieces complement each other without competing for attention. With regards to jewellery, again, less is more. Chunky necklaces will start to add more bulk than is necessary and distract from the detail of the top. Headbands are making a comeback this Spring/Summer and this delicate piece is so pretty and simple and along with the bracelets just adds a nice finish to complete this stylish ensemble.

This is a simple, no fuss, stylish day time look that takes inspiration again from the more rustic French style. The dress is a flattering, loose fit and coupled with the sandals creates a laid back, "I just threw this on" type of look that the French do so well. Again, accessorising is all about looking effortless and a scarf is always a great way to add detail to a look. The great thing with this look is that the dress works just as well with or without the scarf so you could either drape it round your neck or tie it onto the handbag, nothing like accessorising your accessories!

This last outfit focuses on layering and adding colour to monochrome. With high waisted skirts like this, the temptation is always to tuck tops in which works brilliantly however, layering over a structured, belted top is a great way to style this look in a more unique way. I have seen this done many times and it always works so well. With a monochrome look, I always like to add elements of colour to make the outfit pop. Yellow is a great Spring/Summer shade and looks really lovely with monochrome to add a soft tone. Clashing prints are always a great way to liven up a look and this bag works really well with the skirt to give this a real Parisian feel, perfect for a lunch date or champagne afternoon tea!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Year, New Wardrobe

Every New Year, I always get the itch to update my wardrobe. I like to experiment with my look and New Year always seems like a good time to throw out the old clothes I don't wear and hit the sales to replace them! I've decided to make a few more "classic" additions to my wardrobe and I'm a lot more conscious of investing in items that will last through seasons and trends. So i've compiled a wishlist of of wardrobe essentials for 2015, I hope you enjoy it!
*I would like to add that I always send my old clothes to a clothes bank or charity shop...once my mum and sisters have raided them!

Topshop - £16

Topshop - £32

Zara - £39.99

Mango - £19.99

Zara - £35.99

Topshop - £24

Zara - £29.99

Topshop - £35

Topshop - £35

Mango - £24.99

Zara - £25.99

Zara - £15.99

Zara - £29.99