Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Year, New Wardrobe

Every New Year, I always get the itch to update my wardrobe. I like to experiment with my look and New Year always seems like a good time to throw out the old clothes I don't wear and hit the sales to replace them! I've decided to make a few more "classic" additions to my wardrobe and I'm a lot more conscious of investing in items that will last through seasons and trends. So i've compiled a wishlist of of wardrobe essentials for 2015, I hope you enjoy it!
*I would like to add that I always send my old clothes to a clothes bank or charity shop...once my mum and sisters have raided them!

Topshop - £16

Topshop - £32

Zara - £39.99

Mango - £19.99

Zara - £35.99

Topshop - £24

Zara - £29.99

Topshop - £35

Topshop - £35

Mango - £24.99

Zara - £25.99

Zara - £15.99

Zara - £29.99