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Festival Festivities

Hi Guys!

Soo I am off to Wireless Festival this weekend, praying to the weather gods for some sun! I find festivals a tricky one actually because you want to look like you just stepped out of a Vogue Coachella edit but, given our unpredictable weather, nothing that you would be upset to get potentially ruined! I'm far too precious with my clothes to ever be ok with anything getting ruined but I would be lying if I said I hadn't been agonising over my wardrobe choices for a few weeks... who doesn't want to look like Vanessa Hudgens gliding around like a vision in aztec and chiffon?!
So, rather than create some looks from what I find online I am posting my actual outfit ideas from my own wardrobe. Figured it would be a bit more real plus my festival collection is hardly extensive so this will definitely be a challenge! Might highlight a few last minute purchases I might need to get too!

There are a fair few ideas as I will be going for all 3 days so need lots of ideas to play with plus some items will be ruled out if there is even a hint of mud!!
I've noted anything new that should still be in the shops now and offered a few alternatives too :-)
Enjoy! x

I'm in love with my new Nike Roshe Run trainers. Still debating whether white was the best idea but I love them anyway! They're great for being in all day as they're so comfortable but they are weather dependent. Will be sussing out the dirt situation on the Friday before deciding whether or not to wear these babies! I got these from Office but you can get them all over the place. As for the rest of the outfit, everything is old but here are links to a few alternatives...

Bralet - Topshop £18 in the sale at the moment!
Shorts - Beyond Retro £22
Necklace - ASOS £8 - Thought this would look cute for a festival

I got this dress from Primark last week. Can't actually remember how much it was though! £12 is ringing a bell but don't hold me to that! Again, outfit idea with my trainers so I decided to keep it quite clean with white accessories and a gold necklace to break it up a bit. It's got a bit of a Wimbledon vibe actually which I like. The socks I bought for a shoot ages ago and haven't actually worn them although I love them so it's about time I did! Dress and trainers are both available in stores now still and a couple of links for the belt, socks and necklace alternatives below...

Necklace - ASOS £14 - With a high necked dress like this I always find it best to wear a short necklace. Long necklaces just look a bit weird as there's just too much space between the necklace and the neckline.
Belt - Topshop £16 - This is really cute and a bit more interesting than a plain white belt. Festivals are also a great excuse to mix prints.
Socks Topshop £3.50 - These look like the same ones as mine actually as I got mine from Topshop. They've got loads of really lovely ankle socks, including these pom pom ones which would be fab for a festival!

Very similar to above but with my maroon belt and boots and an oversized cream denim jacket, and the socks peeking out again! I got the jacket on ASOS Marketplace ages ago, its be Cheap Monday but found a great alternative below...

Jacket Oh My Love £45 - I know, I know, it's not a denim jacket but I love this! Love the idea of clashing the leopard print with the dress. The fact that its cream leopard print is the reason this works
Boots ASOS £100 - Can't go wrong with a classic pair of red Dr M's!
Belt ASOS £4 - Something a bit old and beaten looking will work well with Dr Martens

I love this skirt. It's from Primark, I'm pretty sure it's out of stores now but you might get lucky. It has actually got a matching cropped t-shirt and the two look great together. I went for a slightly gypsy look with this one, gold hoops and these shoes which I really don't wear enough. It's a really comfortable outfit to be in all day and nice and light on a hot day. Couple of alternative links below...

Skirt ASOS £45 - This has to be the perfect festival skirt, I LOVE it!!! Even more than mine actually so I'm now really going to have to resist buying this! ASOS have some gorgeous midi skirts so here are a few more links for you to browse, Exotic print, ladylike floral and button down floral < Love this one too

Shoes River Island £22 - Really like these, been after a pair like this so will be paying a trip to River Island!

These have been my favourite trousers for ages, they're so comfortable and you can dress these up or down; i've worn them with heels on a night out and flip flops for a shopping day so they're really versatile. I would maybe turn the ankles up a few times for a festival? These are from Zara a while back and the shoes are also quite old from River Island but I have found a couple of alternatives below...

Trousers Zara £25.99 - Really like these and they are a great vibrant print for a summer festival. There is also no reason why a pair of culottes couldn't work with a look like this.
Shoes ASOS £20 - Everyone loves a tassel here and there at a festival and these tasselled loafers would be great all summer.

This is a slightly more beachy vibe. The whole outfit besides the sandals is old, the sandals are from New Look recently but I actually can't find them online which is weird. I love them and I've had so many compliments on them however the straps are getting weak already from buckling them which isn't great as I have only had them a couple of weeks! I've stuck a bikini top under the vest as it's see-through but you could put anything underneath. I like the idea of putting a printed top underneath to give a bit of interest. Few ideas below...

Top New Look £11 - This is a really pretty, light, loose top. Great for dancing in on a hot day!
Couple of top ideas for underneath
Bikini top ASOS £33 - I like the longer style for putting underneath tops, that extra bit of length makes a huge difference.
Bikini Top ASOS £18 - Really like this one, very boho festival and would look great on its own with a pair of high waisted shorts too!
Top Missguided £9.99 - Missguided have so many bralets, crop tops and bodies to put underneath things and they're so cheap! I recommend a good browse on the website for holiday and summer essentials

This kimono is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe yet I haven't worn it yet?! It's a great festival piece though and I think this outfit is a definite for Wireless. The outfit underneath is quite basic but the high waisted denim shorts and plain white cropped vest is such a classic look on it's own. The kimono is a great way to add some print and texture if you want to spice it up a bit though! The sunglasses are actually Topman but I love them and they're a bit broken so on the hunt for more. This whole outfit is old although I do keep seeing this kimono about occasionally but I've put some alternative links below...

Kimono Miss Selfridge £45 - This one is quite similar to mine and I like the intricate detailing
I have to say though, ASOS have some amazing kimonos that I prefer, have a little browse on the website but here are a couple of my favourites. Simple floral, tie dye, floral fringing, pink floral
Sunglasses River Island £10 - I really like the mirrored lenses on these and they're a great price!

This is another alternative to the above with a shorter and slightly more simple cape. This is a bit lighter for a summer day if it's hot. I really love the soft floral print. The cape is really old but as I said above ASOS have a fantastic selection of so many different types of kimonos and capes so have a look on the website!

Same as above but with the boots. Links for alternatives are all above so I won't bore you with more!

I thought I'd add in a few hat ideas as this is the only thing I never have! I always get irritated by them or just feel like they're going to fall off but I do love hats for a festival look so here are a few ideas below

Top Left to bottom right

White panama hat - ASOS £16
Camel fedora - ASOS £20
Pink bowler - ASOS £15
Elephant trim fedora - ASOS £25
Stripe boater - Topshop £22
Floral baseball cap - Missguided £9.99
Purple bowler - Missguided £12.99
Blue fedora - Miss Selfridge £10
Ear hat - Boohoo £12

I'll do a full wireless post after the weekend including my final outfit choices. Hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to comment below!

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